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What you need to consider when buying entrance control

Use our downloadable briefing tool to smooth the procurement process

You’re probably reading this article as you know you want to better protect your building and the people and assets within it but, with so many considerations when it comes to purchasing entrance control, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Procurement of entrance control falls to a number of different job roles, including facilities managers, architects, IT and security managers, all of which have different needs and priorities. Designed to ensure that all stakeholder needs have been thought through, we have created a ‘catch-all’ downloadable briefing tool. You can download this tool here and use it to capture information about your or your client’s entrance control requirements. Or, if you’re just looking for a quick overview of key considerations, keep reading…

Top 6 considerations when choosing an entrance control system

To ensure you choose an entrance control solution which is suitable for your building and its users, you need to ask a number of questions, including:

How many turnstiles do I need?

Fastlane turnstiles in Glucksman library university of limerick

Think about the number of people entering and exiting the facility, and don’t forget about the required throughput, or flow of people, during peak and off-peak times. What is the size of the entranceway? Typically, the larger the entrance area, the more turnstiles will be required. But, you also need to consider where the people are moving to beyond the turnstiles. There is no point in creating an entrance control system capable of processing 200 people into a foyer with only one lift shaft – it will soon create a problem.

Who uses the area?

Keep in mind the people using the building, for example permanent staff, visitors, children, people with reduced mobility, delivery drivers etc. Should everyone entering/exiting the facility have access to all areas beyond the turnstiles? Or will you also need to secure other areas of the building, such as a server room, and only grant access to certain individuals? Do you need to have the capability to arrange temporary access for visitors or contractors? How will these people be processed?

What level of security is needed?

What are you protecting – your building, people, assets, data, all of these? If you understand the value of what you’re protecting, and also the key risks associated with an unauthorised intruder gaining access, you can start to determine the level of security you require. Question whether you need to physically prevent unauthorised access attempts, or just monitor the flow of people into/out of your facility, and consider what barrier height is most suitable. The higher the barrier, the higher the security but, the look of the turnstiles needs to be in keeping with the environment they are securing.

Fastlane turnstiles with Telepen Juno software in Glucksman library university of limerickWhat functions are the turnstiles required to perform?

As well as preventing unauthorised access, security turnstiles can perform a variety of other functions, connecting existing disparate systems and delivering time and space efficiencies through product integrations. Do you have an existing access control system which needs to be integrated with the turnstiles? Is there a requirement to integrate other building management systems, such as HVAC, CCTV or lift destination displays?

How do I want the turnstiles to look?

Fastlane turnstiles with card reader integration Toei Animation Japan

In addition to a range of functional product integrations which allow you to satisfy your required specifications, there are a number of ways in which you can tailor the final look of turnstiles, allowing you to reflect your organisation’s brand. When considering the look of your system, think about the environment the turnstiles will be in, what finish would complement the style of the building – metal type, paint colour, natural wood etc. Do you wish to feature your company logo or brand colours? Are there any other bespoke requirements?

Total cost of ownership

Cost considerations of an entrance control system should take in more than just the purchase price. Other things to think about include electricity usage, maintenance requirements, reliability, warranty and more, to give you the total cost of ownership and a holistic view of the better value purchase. We’ve covered this topic previously in more detail here.

This is just a brief overview of some of the things you need to consider. If you’re ready to take your turnstile procurement to the next stage, download our briefing tool to ensure you cover all bases and choose the best solution for your or your client’s needs. If you need further support, our team and our installation partners are experts at helping you to select the right product for the environment, so please get in touch.


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