Why Choose Fastlane?

For over 30 years, Fastlane security turnstiles have been at the forefront of entrance control innovation, combining the latest technology with unsurpassed design.

Combining Elegance & Intelligence

Working closely with architects over the past 30 years, we understand the positive impact of great design. We place the utmost importance on aesthetics, ensuring that our products complement the environments they are protecting.

entrance control architect lookbook

We created an Architect Lookbook featuring inspirational images of corporate entrance control installations, demonstrating how you can strike the right balance between making a good first impression with visitors and staff, whilst also ensuring an organisation’s security responsibilities are met. You can download the Lookbook by clicking here.


Behind the beautiful exterior, the infrared matrix that drives the decision to authorise entry makes thousands of calculations per second based on speed of passage, luggage being carried or pulled, distance to the pedestrian behind and direction of movement. It is this intelligent decision-making that eliminates false alarms, improves compliance and strengthens effective building security. This technology was developed in house by our engineers and is the key to why Fastlane products are a first choice for so many blue chip companies, architects and specifiers.

Fastlane Connect

Ensuring that users aren’t inconvenienced by entrance controls, it is important to continually monitor their efficiency, but how is this achieved in a cost-effective and reliable way? Introducing Fastlane Connect, a web-based portal which offers a fast and secure way to monitor and manage entrance control operation remotely, whether this is onsite or from any location globally.

Fastlane Connnect security web based software displayed on laptop screen

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  • Safe to connect
  • Web-based portal
  • Monitor and manage turnstiles remotely
  • Protected connection to the internet by a local or wide area Ethernet network, via a high-speed Ethernet connection port
  • No additional software installation, apps or drivers
  • Runs on a standard web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer with Java support
  • Viewed on any authorised desktop, tablet or mobile device on the same network
  • Analytical data such as the traffic flow of each turnstile, forced entries
  • Available updates can be implemented remotely
  • Quick, efficient and cost-effective
Fastlane Connect Features

This web-based interface gives you full and seamless control over your entrance security and flow rates. Connected by a local or wide area Ethernet network, via the built-in high-speed Ethernet connection port, Fastlane Connect requires no additional software installation, apps or drivers, and runs on a standard web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer with Java support. This offers the flexibility of being viewed on any authorised desktop, tablet or mobile device on the same network and will not compromise internal IT systems.

As well as providing real-time monitoring of your entrance control security, Fastlane Connect offers access to analytical data, displaying valuable information relating to each individual turnstile linked to that device.

Authorised personnel can view results such as the traffic flow of each turnstile, or review any forced entries, providing a clear and concise review of the access control products and the security solution they are interpreted with.

IDL continually provide the latest in security technology and solutions and ensure that all their entrance controls are up-to-date.  When an update is available IDL, with the appropriate permissions, can remotely connect and implement any changes. This quick, efficient and cost-effective method ensures no entrance control is without the latest in secure technology no matter where the location.

Runs on all standard browsers.

Fastlane Connect Applications

The Fastlane Finder Tool allows users to select a lane and enable Fastlane Connect functionality. Download our Fastlane Finder Tool.

Providing a live stream of the security lanes connected to your Fastlane Connect control system. Enabling you to create time-stamped video footage of any security breaches or events which are either automatically saved following a turnstile alarm sounding, or manually recorded if you notice a scenario that is occurring before the turnstile is being accessed.

Enabling companies to quickly access real time building counts. Particularly useful for buildings which have public access lobbies, with shopping areas or restaurants, and then entry controlled office spaces above.  FastCount can be integrated with optical turnstiles or Door Detective at entry points, set to ‘open access’ and then entry card turnstiles further into the building to ensure only authorised entry beyond that point.

FastCmd (Fast Command) is a Windows based app which allows authorised users to control and monitor their Fastlane turnstiles from a convenient Windows PC or Tablet connected to the same network.

Providing an alternative to the Multilane Touchscreen Controller, FastCmd communicates using IP and can monitor and control up to 63 lanes of Fastlane turnstiles if all are connected to the same network, with eight lanes presented on screen at any one time. Lane displays mimic the installation layout for ease of identification, with entry and exit mode selection and alarms all displayed live on screen.

Fastlane Connect FastCmd app on large monitor

Communicating using IP over Ethernet, the Touchscreen can monitor and control up to 63 lanes of selected Fastlane and IP connected Door Detective products. Lane displays will mimic the installation layout for ease of identification with entry and exit, mode selection and alarms all displayed live on screen.