Why Choose Fastlane?

Having been innovators in the entrance control market for over 35 years, Fastlane has established an enviable portfolio of satisfied customers. This is founded on extensive technical expertise and superior British built quality products.

Elegant and intelligent design

Understanding that visual impact is as important as the effectiveness of the technology is what differentiates Fastlane and Door Detective products from those of our competitors.

We place the utmost importance on aesthetics, and pride ourselves in helping you strike the right balance between aesthetics and security, ensuring that even our standard models are designed to the highest spec using the finest materials, to complement the environments they are protecting.

Fastlane Architect LookbookFor those looking to reflect the style of their building perfectly, other surfaces in glass or metals are available to create the desired look, along with options for glass door heights, pedestal shape and third-party product integrations. This flexibility allows you to make a great first impression while keeping your business secure.

Why not browse a few of our sleek and elegant corporate entrance control installations in our Lookbook by clicking here.

“The team at IDL are incredibly helpful and accommodating, especially when it comes to customisations.”
Allan Waisman, Group CEO, SecureWais


Behind the stylish exterior, the infrared microcontroller handles up to 10 million decisions a second based on speed of passage, presence of luggage, distance to the pedestrian behind and direction of movement.

This makes our turnstiles opinion-forming, with the capability to assess what is ‘seen’ in the lanes and drawing conclusions about whether to allow entry. Able to process up to 60 people per minute, this intelligent decision-making eliminates false alarms and ensures that only one person freely gains access for each authorised credential presented.



British craftsmanship with global appeal

All our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards in the UK.  A combination of high-quality British craftsmanship and technical innovation means there is no mass-produced items.

With our whole team located under one roof in West London, our sales, technical and design departments benefit from a close collaborative relationship. Communication is efficient and cooperative, whether it is to design a new solution or quickly resolve a challenge. We also have full control of the end-to-end process, from concept to quality control and shipping.

This approach is at the heart of being able to offer our customers superior and reliable products, and it’s one of the key reasons Fastlane products have universal appeal and can be found protecting banks, offices, data centres, government and military buildings, visitor attractions, leisure and educational facilities across the world.

“Fastlane are the Rolls Royce of entrance control.”
Claire Preen, Systems Integrator

You can rely on us to provide you with the very best service, expert advice and support at every stage from design and installation, through to training and aftercare. This promise extends to our network of leading integrator and installer partners, who have expert knowledge of the sectors they serve.

Technical ingenuity and problem-solving

Our experience means that we can find and develop solutions where others may just see a problem. And it is this experience which has led to our enhanced integration capabilities. We don’t believe that ‘bolt-ons’ are the right long-term option for our customers and so will take the time and effort to build truly seamless solutions, enhancing user experience and exceeding the expectation of our customers.

Monitoring and managing entrance control operation remotely

It is important to continually monitor the efficiency of entrance controls to ensure users are not being inconvenienced. However, this needs to be achieved in a cost-effective and reliable way.  Fastlane Connect is a web-based portal offering a fast and secure way to monitor and manage entrance control remotely, whether this is onsite or from any location globally.

Fastlane Connnect security web based software displayed on laptop screen

Click here to see why you should choose Fastlane Connect?

  • Safe to connect
  • Web-based portal
  • Monitor and manage turnstiles remotely
  • Protected connection to the internet by a local or wide area Ethernet network, via a high-speed Ethernet connection port
  • No additional software installation, apps or drivers
  • Runs on a standard web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer with Java support
  • Viewed on any authorised desktop, tablet or mobile device on the same network
  • Analytical data such as the traffic flow of each turnstile, forced entries
  • Available updates can be implemented remotely
  • Quick, efficient and cost-effective
Fastlane Connect Features

This web-based interface gives you full and seamless control over your entrance security and flow rates. Connected by a local or wide area Ethernet network, via the built-in high-speed Ethernet connection port, Fastlane Connect requires no additional software installation, apps or drivers, and runs on a standard web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer with Java support. This offers the flexibility of being viewed on any authorised desktop, tablet or mobile device on the same network and will not compromise internal IT systems.

As well as providing real-time monitoring of your entrance control security, Fastlane Connect offers access to analytical data, displaying valuable information relating to each individual turnstile linked to that device.

Authorised personnel can view results such as the traffic flow of each turnstile, or review any forced entries, providing a clear and concise review of the access control products and the security solution they are interpreted with.

IDL continually provide the latest in security technology and solutions and ensure that all their entrance controls are up-to-date.  When an update is available IDL, with the appropriate permissions, can remotely connect and implement any changes. This quick, efficient and cost-effective method ensures no entrance control is without the latest in secure technology no matter where the location.

Runs on all standard browsers.

Accessories and apps to enhance your entrance control

When it comes to entrance control, it’s not a case of one size fits all. Different businesses have unique security requirements, and the layout of each building and its design is unique.

To help tailor each client’s entrance control system to their precise needs, Fastlane has developed a range of accessories and apps which provide additional functionality and enhance entrance layouts.

Find your Fastlane and unlock additional functionality

The Fastlane Finder Tool discovers Fastlane products that are connected to a computer network. The tool will automatically find lanes upon start-up, and there is a ‘Discovery’ button to refresh the list of Fastlane products.

From the list of Fastlane products, a particular lane may be selected to browse to the lane’s web protect, config and admin pages for controlling and setting up a particular lane. Once enabled, you can benefit from a range of other apps.

Download our Fastlane Finder Tool.

Gather real time building population data

The FastCount app gathers data using the Fastlane Connect ethernet interface, providing real time building population information whilst logging entry/exit counts and delivering the data in a file for subsequent analysis. The application may provide population data for a number of zones where Fastlane turnstiles are employed to define particular areas.

FastCount can be integrated with the range of Fastlane turnstiles or Door Detective Plus products, with or without access control authorisation as required. FastCount is particularly useful for buildings which have public access lobbies, with shopping areas or restaurants, and then entrance-controlled office spaces above.

FastCount Datasheet

Control and monitor multiple lanes from one screen

The newest addition to the Fastlane Connect suite of apps is FastCmd (Fast Command). This Windows based app will allow authorised users to control and monitor their Fastlane turnstiles from a convenient Windows PC or Tablet connected to the same network.

Providing an alternative to the Multilane Touchscreen Controller, FastCmd communicates using IP and can monitor and control up to 63 lanes of Fastlane turnstiles if all are connected to the same network, with eight lanes presented on screen at any one time. Lane displays mimic the installation layout for ease of identification, with entry and exit mode selection and alarms all displayed live on screen.

FastCmd is ideal for environments requiring multiple turnstiles, a large foyer in a corporate office for example, as a receptionist or security guard is able to control all lanes just by logging into the app via a PC or Tablet, making it incredibly simple and intuitive to use. The app also accurately assesses traffic through the barriers, is capable of displaying individual lane data and provides instant feedback of traffic flow and incidents, with high processing speed to prevent traffic build-up.

Fastlane Connect FastCmd app on large monitor

For clients already using IP connected Fastlane turnstiles, FastCmd can be retrofitted. For any new customers, the app is now available for download here from the Fastlane website, along with the Fastlane Finder Tool. A number of other apps will be available via this downloads page soon, so be sure to check back regularly to ensure you get the most out of your entrance control system.

Multilane Touchscreen Controller

Communicating using IP over Ethernet, the Touchscreen can monitor and control up to 63 lanes of selected Fastlane and IP connected Door Detective products. Lane displays will mimic the installation layout for ease of identification with entry and exit, mode selection and alarms all displayed live on screen.