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The trends driving our top five BIMobject downloads

The interest and take up of BIM (Building Information Modelling) has grown rapidly over recent years. To ensure that we provide easy access to data on our entrance control products, in a format which is compatible and accessible for our architect and specifier customers, sixteen of our most specified turnstiles are featured on BIMobject, the world’s largest and fastest growing digital content management system for BIM objects.

Over the past year, we’ve noticed several trends which we believe are driving the interest in our top five downloaded products on BIMobject. From those looking for a budget-friendly solution to monitor and control access, to those requiring the highest level of physical security provided by full -height turnstiles, below we look at the customer requirements behind the key trends making our products popular.

Our top 5 downloaded products on BIMobject:

  1. Glassgate 150
  2. Intelligate
  3. Glassgate 300
  4. Glassgate 400
  5. Glassgate 250

So, what is it that consistently puts these five products at the top of the most downloaded list?

1. Glassgate 150: A cost-effective solution with no compromise on quality

In response to a requirement for a generic, elegant and highly functional Speedgate solution, the Fastlane Glassgate 150 was created in 2011. Featuring sleek materials, such as a stainless-steel enclosure, glass spine panel and glass pedestal height swing barriers, the Glassgate 150 was received with great success in markets worldwide and quickly established itself as our most popular entry level solution, which is where it is firmly positioned today at the top of our most downloaded products via BIMobject.

The popularity of this product remains, as it provides a cost-effective option for clients requiring entrance control, without compromising on style, speed or accuracy. This is a great solution for budget-conscious clients who still want the reassurance of quality and longevity provided by Fastlane products.

For more information about the Glassgate 150, read the product profile.

2. Intelligate: Suitable for all users and unobtrusive design

Fastlane Intelligate entrance control security turnstileDesigned to provide an extra wide lane to a turnstile installation, the Intelligate is suitable for all users, including people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users, as well as for facilitating the movement of goods deliveries. It is especially suited to a Fastlane installation featuring a wider, occasional use gate, often controlled by a security guard or desk supervisor. It is also the only post-style passgate on the market with tailgate detection, which makes it a popular choice for environments requiring a level of security similar to a turnstile, without visually impacting the surrounding environment.

Getting the right balance between security, user experience and design is always a consideration when choosing an entrance control solution, so this model proves particularly popular with our architect customers, as the minimal styling satisfies their aesthetic requirements as well as providing security. In fact, due to its sleek design, it was chosen by Reiach & Hall Architects to secure Nucleus, recently named Scotland’s best building by the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS). You can read the case study here.

3 & 4. Glassgate 300 and Glassgate 400: Full-height barriers providing maximum security, yet with a ‘light’ feel

Numbers 3 and 4 on the list reflect a trend we discussed in a previous article, the increasing requirement for full-height barriers. In response to the rapidly changing security landscape, more of our customers – especially those working in high-profile public sectors – are looking for a highly visible yet still attractive security option. The Glassgate 300 and 400 both serve as a strong physical and psychological deterrent, as well as offering reassurance to those working within or visiting buildings which can be considered to be under growing threat.

Both of these models are available in four barrier height options, from pedestal height up to 1800mm and, thanks to their streamlined styling, despite being considered high security they still satisfy the design needs of our customers.

To read more about our full-height range of turnstiles, click here.

5. Glassgate 250: Capable of a wide range of third-party product integrations

Fastlane Glassgate 250 entrance control security turnstileFrom integrated lift destination controls delivering time and space efficiencies at financial institutions in Saudi Arabia and the United States, to being capable of accommodating ‘deep learning’ AI facial recognition systems, the popularity of the Glassgate 250 is due, in part, to its capacity for a large number of third-party product integrations thanks to the unit’s slightly larger size.

The requirement for integrated security systems has been growing for some time and shows no sign of slowing, as the need for more intelligent and frictionless entrance control increases, and building certification programmes such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) demand that buildings become more efficient. A sleek and stylish choice, the Glassgate 250 is a state-of-the art glass barrier turnstile capable of a vast range of product integrations helping organisation achieve both of these objectives and, as a result, it can be found securing lobbies, receptions and VIP areas in notable buildings around the globe.

For more information about the Glassgate 250, read our product profile.

What are the benefits of using BIMobject?

BIMobject makes it simple for our global customers to download complete and detailed 3D BIM objects to use directly in their renders, specifications and calculations, irrespective of which CAD software they use.

Tony Smith, Major Accounts and Marketing Manager, comments: “It’s great to see our customers using this library to download information about our products. Using this tool allows them to create virtual builds to see how our products will function alongside other products in new or existing environments. It also makes comparisons of products much simpler and the specification process quicker. Plus, it gives us a good indication of which products are going to be in demand and we can clearly see how these popular products reflect market trends and changing customer needs.”

To download Fastlane products, visit BIMObject or follow the links on our website.


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