Fastlane Plus

Fastlane Plus Barrier Arm entrance control security turnstiles in situ

The Fastlane Plus Barrier Arm provides an entrance control solution for environments such as reception areas or lift lobbies, where space is limited but an effective access control is still required.

Designed with the latest infrared technology to optimise and monitor the throughput of individuals entering and exiting a building, the barrier arm provides a physical deterrent which is both visually off-putting to potential intruders as well as actually functioning to stop any unauthorised passage. We created the enclosures to offer a solution which meets the aesthetic and functional needs of architects and specifiers by minimising the footprint whilst maintaining the visual appeal.

Why Choose Fastlane Plus?

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  • Cost-effective entry point
  • Security with uncompromised style
  • Minimal footprint
  • Physical barrier
  • Fire alarm input capability
  • Anti-crawl technology
  • Narrow lane widths
  • 5mm tailgate detection
  • Processes up to 1 person per second
  • Card reader options
  • 2-stage alarm response
  • Throughput management system
  • Virtually eliminates false alarms
  • Simple installation and ongoing maintenance
  • Customisable features
  • 210kW per annum energy consumption

Fastlane Plus features

In addition to the barrier arms themselves, Fastlane Plus also features individual beam paths which include an anti-crawl system, creating an alert should a person try to enter under the barrier arms. In the event of a pedestrian attempting to enter without permission, Fastlane Plus features a secure 2-stage alarm response, sounding an alarm and activating the barriers to deter the unauthorised individual.  If the entrant continues to attempt to push past the barrier arms, then a second alarm sounds, triggering other security actions such as CCTV or locking doors.

The Fastlane Plus Range