Door Detective

Our Door Detective range provides a secure solution for any building facility such as sensitive data storage, laboratories or executive floor so you can be confident that only authorised visits are being made to these areas.

The Door Detective range works with your access control system, effectively securing an open door.  The units will monitor access through your open door by using multiple infrared beams, offering accurate anti-tailgate protection to enhance security and safety.

The discreet design offers limited intrusion to a building’s environment while still maintaining leading performance in monitoring controlled access.  Door Detective can be used in offices or at staff entrances to prevent unauthorised access to secure doorways, corridors or passageways, offering high security and protection of business assets. This form of entrance control offers real-time insights if integrated into building systems, from monitoring the number of staff in a room and turning off heating, lighting etc when vacant, to enabling changes to staff profiles and their work schedules.

Why Choose Door Detective

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  • Unobtrusive security
  • Secures open doorways
  • Entry-direction detection
  • Anti-pass back integrity with appropriate access control systems
  • Alert staff to unauthorised entrants
  • Choice of finish to complement multiple types of décor
  • Bi-directional
  • Process 1 person per second
  • Unsurpassed accuracy
  • Non-invasive and unobtrusive
  • Multiple single-tone sounders for status and alarms
  • Head units, ABS plastic end caps, Stainless Steel. CPU ABS plastic
  • Multiple, multi-colour LEDs for status and alarms
  • Inputs to building systems

The Door Detective Range