In addition to our standard product range, a significant number of our customers come to us because they are looking for a turnstile that is unique to them and their environment, reflecting their own brand values and key specifications.

Fastlane Architect LookbookIntegrated Design Ltd have for many years provided bespoke solutions and special orders based upon our standard products.

A number of these bespoke solutions are showcased in our Architect Lookbook, which can be accessed here.

Product Integration

Fastlane Turnstile and Door Detective products can be integrated with every known access control system, along with time and attendance, building management systems, lift destination and HVAC controls, providing a hub which enables seamless use across existing disparate systems, ensuring peace of mind.

An entrance control system comprises a Fastlane turnstile, an access control system and a device mounted onto the turnstile which provides user authorisation. We provide services to aesthetically integrate a variety of third party devices, for example proximity card readers, finger print readers, facial recognition and elevator dispatch information displays.

Access Control & CCTV Integration

Fastlane turnstiles and Door Detective products will integrate with every known access control system (ACS) using a standard relay interface typically provided by all manufacturers. The turnstile alarm signal is used to alert the ACS and may also be used to provide a trigger for CCTV to provide recording of alarm events.

Reader Mounting

Our standard Fastlane products generally have a provision for a radio frequency and smart card reader to be discreetly installed below the Corian parts of the pedestal tops, located adjacent to the end panels. Brackets and mounting plates are provided. A factory reader mounting service is available if required.

Authorisation Device Integration

We have a variety of options when integrating proximity readers, biometric devices and barcode devices into our products. IDL offers a service to make modifications to standard products to accommodate the integration of these devices as required.

Elevator Dispatch Display Integration

Many elevator manufacturers now offer elevator dispatch information displays, these displays are typically mounted below a window which is integrated into the pedestal decorative top. IDL have provided solutions for integrating the leading elevator manufacturers’ displays.

Custom Enclosure Design

In addition to functional integrations, there are a number of ways in which you can influence the final visual of the turnstiles. To create the perfect product to complement or enhance your design, Fastlane products are highly customisable with a wide variety of finish options available for the pedestals, barriers and pedestal upper decorative surfaces tops, including stainless steel, natural stone, Corian®, glass options or even specialist paint finishes.

This degree of flexibility is easily accommodated by our UK based facility, and allows us to produce some truly individual turnstiles, whether your brief is for corporate discretion or colourful expression. When you’ve worked with some of the top brands in the world, you need to be able to offer a flexible solution which really delivers precisely to a customer’s brief, and we’ve identified a number of ways to be able to achieve this.

For more information about our bespoke options, download our new Bespoke Lookbook

Natural Enclosure Decorative Top

In some instances, clients are looking for a contrast of natural against industrial which leads us to integrating either natural stone or wood, which bring about very different results.  For instance, Nero Assoluto or ‘absolute black’ – a very popular granite – has rightly earned a reputation for bringing style to any environment and its reflective surfaces echo those of the steel of the unit sides.  Granites are prestigious materials which infer characteristics of elegance and quality, they are hard-wearing, low maintenance and long lasting due stain resistant, scratchproof and heat-resistant qualities.  Wood is also often requested, in different finishes, and this can provide a contrasting relief against the industrial steel.

At the request of the architects involved in certain projects, we have even worked with local stone quarries to create custom finishes which are wholly sympathetic to their environment and provide a showcase for the natural resources which are representative of the area.


As with all our integral parts, we have taken great care in choosing to work with suppliers of the utmost quality such as Rimex Metals and INOX who both have a great range of finishes that give our customers maximum choice.

Some recent projects have featured these finishes:

The Granex™ finishes, which is Rimex’s bead blasted product range.  The Granex™ finishes involve the controlled bead blasting of sheet and coil stainless steel and other metals with various media to produce a range of matte finishes in different coarseness.

The Vortex™ finish which is Rimex’s vibration polished product range.  The Vortex™ finishes involve the controlled polishing of stainless steel sheet and other metals with polishing pads to produce a range of non-directional polishes in natural and coloured finish options.

The ColourTex® range of coloured stainless steel means turnstiles can feature enclosures in black, blue, bronze, champagne, charcoal, gold, and Rosy Gold.  ColourTex® stainless steel can be combined with different substrate finishes including mirror or satin polishes.

Rimex Super Mirror which is as near a perfect polish that can be produced on stainless steel; blemish free and with perfect reflective quality. The reflectivity of SuperMirror creates light and space and is easily fabricated and will not shatter.