Fastlane Compact

Fastlane Compact entrance control security optical turnstile

The Fastlane Compact is our smallest footprint Optical turnstile featuring the Fastlane distributed intelligence using an array of beam paths and algorithms to detect unauthorised and tailgate events whilst discriminating for smaller objects like umbrellas and bags. An optical turnstile provides an open feel whilst providing a level of security and defining the public and secure side of your entrance.

The Fastlane Compact optical turnstile may be installed for a standard width of 660mm (although various lane widths may be implemented) up to 914mm to provide disabled access compliant to the DDA and ADA regulations. The enclosure is supplied using stainless steel with a brushed finish, the pedestal top is Black Quartz Corian to facilitate concealed or surface mounted card readers.

  • Dimensions: 446 x 965
  • Lane width options: Standard 550-700. DDA 850-1000
  • Barrier Height options: n/a
  • Standard reader card options: 5
  • IP connectivity: Yes
  • Locking brake option: No


A&E specifications available on request

BIM models and details of Fastlane Compact – as well as the rest of the Fastlane range – can be accessed via BIMObject, including the standardisation of digital assets and integration with BIM software, which makes comparison of products much simpler and therefore speeds up the specification process for architects and specifiers.

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