Register your product

To register a Fastlane system using Fastlane Connect, the Fastlane products need to be connected to a Local Area Network with internet connection.

Download the Fastlane Finder tool onto a computer running Windows which is connected to the same network. The tool will automatically provide a list of Fastlane turnstiles that are connected to the network. It is useful to change the default ‘Lane Name’ to a useful lane identifier for the installation, this may be done by browsing to the respective lanes config page and renaming the Host Name, Save and Reboot, repeat for all other lanes.

Note the ‘register this lane’ button on the lane’s config page is not used. Click ‘Register my System’ on the Fastlane Finder tool. You will be prompted for your name, contact details and an installation address; a CSV file will then be created, appended with details from the Fastlane turnstiles and saved to your desktop. Just send the file (Fastlane Registration.CSV) to to complete your product registration.

A registration letter will be provided confirming the registration and extended warranty subject to our terms and conditions.