Fastlane Plus 400AS entrance control security turnstile

The Fastlane Plus 400AS is a highly successful optical turnstile with barrier arms located at the exit side of the pedestal to provide a physical deterrent. The fast acting arms can operate normally closed and retracts into the pedestal upon user authorisation whilst the optical system monitors pedestrian users for unauthorised or tailgating events. With this model, the user may change the mode of operation to normally open where the arms close upon an unauthorised entry attempt.

The Fastlane Plus 400AS has dual retracting tubular barrier arms which are available for a standard lane width of 660mm or for a wider lane width of 914mm to provide disabled access compliant to the DDA and ADA regulations. The enclosure is longer to provide additional detection before the barriers, to facilitate normally open mode functionality. The enclosure is supplied using stainless steel with a brushed finish, the pedestal top is stainless steel with Black Quartz Corian end inserts to facilitate concealed or surface mounted card readers.

  • Dimensions: 1275 x 965
  • Lane width options: Standard 660. DDA 914
  • Barrier Height options: 805
  • Standard reader card options: 5
  • IP connectivity: Yes
  • Locking brake option: No


A&E specifications available on request

BIM models and details of the Fastlane Plus 400AS – as well as the rest of the Fastlane range – can be accessed via BIMObject, including the standardisation of digital assets and integration with BIM software, which makes comparison of products much simpler and therefore speeds up the specification process for architects and specifiers.

Fastlane Plus Range