Barrier heights on the up! Why full-height turnstiles are increasingly in demand

Over recent years, the world in which we live and work has evolved, with changing security threats impacting modern business operations. Acting as the first line of defence in the protection of the people and assets within, entrance security has risen up the agenda for security and facilities managers. Even if your existing security turnstiles have been operating successfully for years, fulfilling the role they were originally intended for, if they don’t provide the level of security required to combat today’s challenges, they could leave your company exposed.

Rightly so, in response to this changing landscape, many of our customers have been re-evaluating their building’s entrance control systems, recognising that their security turnstiles are required to adapt just as other systems and procedures do. We’ve seen a number of our customers, especially those working in high profile public sectors, looking to have a highly visible yet still attractive security option. Full-height barriers serve as a strong physical and psychological deterrent, as well as offering reassurance to those working within or visiting buildings which can be considered to be under growing threat.

If you’re unsure about whether it’s the right time to upgrade or replace your entrance control system, this article is worth a read.

At our UK manufacturing facility, we have developed three full-height turnstile options, ensuring there is one to suit every environment.

Glassgate 200 – the original and still one of the most popular

Fastlane turnstiles glassgate 200Featuring a slim pedestal, the Glassgate 200 is ideal for environments where space is limited but security provisions are still required, such as a separate staff entrance in hospital or office buildings. The bi-directional single swinging glass barrier has been designed to offer users the familiarity of a ‘door-like’ action, opening away from the authorised pedestrian and closing behind them to deter tailgaters.

Glassgate 300 – versatile security with a ‘light’ feel

In response to demand from our customers for a ‘light’ looking, yet higher security turnstile, IDL created the Glassgate 300, winner of the 2013 Good Design Award. The Glassgate 300 is a dual swing barrier, featuring a modern stainless steel enclosure, and is available with glass barriers in four different heights, making it suitable for every security application. This exceptionally compact footprint model provides a clear physical and psychological deterrent for unauthorised users, yet still maintains streamlined styling, which is vital to satisfy the design needs of our customers.

Glassgate 400 – for when only the highest security will suffice

Featuring 1.8m glass barriers – providing the highest level of physical deterrent available in the Fastlane pedestrian entrance control range – when this model was first unveiled, there were initial reservations, with some believing that the full height design would be too intrusive to be well received. However, the Glassgate 400 has established itself as an important product within the industry, reflecting the growing concerns about threat and the evolution in installing highly visible and more prominent security as an important way of preventing unauthorised access. As well as proving popular in office environments, a variant of the Glassgate 400 unit can be used in immigration eGate applications at airports and ports.

All of our full-height turnstiles share a number of common features:

Use of the latest optical technology

As with all products in the Fastlane range, our full-height security turnstiles are designed with the latest optical technology, enabling optimum throughput of authorised users with minimum intrusion in their daily lives, ensuring quick user acceptance.

Optional locking brakes

We introduced optional locking brakes in response to a market desire to have doors which will resist opening even in the face of extreme force, preventing pedestrians from trying to gain unauthorised access by pushing through the closed barriers.

The use of toughened laminated glass

On all of our glass barriers above 1.5m tall, we insist on using toughened laminated glass to provide the ultimate in strength and safety. Comprised of two layers of toughened glass featuring a PVB plastic middle layer, the use of this toughened laminated glass offers better resistance against any accidental damage or intentional impact or stress and, in the event of a breakage, the way the glass behaves is much safer than normal or even toughened glass.

Optional forced egress function

This software-controlled function allows users to exit even if they haven’t got a badge. Users simply walk into the unit exit side and push gently on the glass barriers, the unit will open in the exit direction to let the user out but will alarm to signal a forced event has taken place. This function is only performed when the beam matrix has not identified someone trying to enter the turnstile from the other direction at the same time. This also means that if someone is in the entry side of the lane, they cannot reach over and pull the barriers towards them to gain access.

Ability to customise the units and glass panels

All of the products in our Fastlane Speedgates range are highly customisable, allowing us to accommodate your architectural and design specifications whilst still maintaining the level of security you require. Bespoke alterations are available in terms of pedestal shape, material finishes and reader integration, to suit any indoor environment. You’re even able to customise the glass barriers, serving as a manifestation for health and safety purposes as well as a branding opportunity.

Listening to our customers and adapting to their individual and changing market needs is critical and has been central to our success over the past 30 years. We can help you to make the best decision with the budget you have available, a decision which draws on knowledge about the long-term needs for your business and the security threats you’re likely facing today, and in the future. Call our sales team on +44 (0)208 890 5550 or send us an email to to find out more.

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