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Accessories and apps to enhance your entrance control 

When it comes to entrance control, it’s not a case of one size fits all. Different businesses have unique security requirements, and the layout of each building and its design is unique. To help tailor each client’s entrance control system to their precise needs, Fastlane has developed a range of accessories and apps which provide additional functionality and enhance entrance layouts.

Robust entrance control without the need to drill into floors

A number of customers come to us because they want a robust entrance control system but they cannot drill into the floor on which the turnstiles will sit. At Allianz Insurance, for example, Glassgate 150 turnstiles were installed on a platform in the reception area, with cables laid beneath, as the end user didn’t want to drill into the floor. The weight of the turnstiles holds the entrance control bank in place and the concealed cabling gives a clean finish.

Fastlane turnstiles at Allianz Insurance HQ

The Fastlane floor protector system is a modular system designed to support Fastlane pedestals, without the need for drilling fixing bolts in to the floor or running a conduit under the floor between pedestals for cables. The floor protector system is ideal for applications where the flooring materials used (such as marble, tile, granite, etc) in the floor restrict drilling and cabling or where the building is heritage listed and any such works would be prohibited. Additionally, the system is suited to temporary installations and sites where the tenants of a building are on a short-term lease and they do not want to affect the infrastructure of the building.

Secure a large open plan area

If you’ve got an open plan area to secure, such as a large lobby, but you only need a few turnstiles to adequately monitor and control the flow of people into and out of the building, you may wish to consider the use of infill panels, like those used at Canterbury College.

Fastlane turnstiles installed at Canterbury College

Rather than using an excessive number of turnstiles, glass infill solutions are offered using stainless steel posts from 1m high up to 1.8m, to fill any gaps around the turnstiles, ensuring that you have a fully secured entrance. Freestanding and bespoke solutions are also available upon request.

Manual and remote operation of turnstiles

IDL provides a range of remote controls for Fastlane products for reception/security desk users, from simple fixed wired remote control push buttons to touchscreen consoles. At Milton Keynes College, a wirefree release option was installed at one of the sites which didn’t feature a manned reception area, to allow remote operation of the turnstiles.

Unlock additional functionality with our suite of apps

Using the Fastlane Connect interface and our range of specially designed apps, Fastlane customers can unlock additional functionality within their entrance control systems. First, download the Fastlane Finder Tool here, which will allow you to select a lane and enable Fastlane Connect functionality.

The Fastlane Finder Tool discovers Fastlane products that are connected to a computer network. The tool will automatically find lanes upon start-up, and there is a ‘Discovery’ button to refresh the list of Fastlane products. From the list of Fastlane products, a particular lane may be selected to browse to the lane’s web protect, config and admin pages for controlling and setting up a particular lane. Once enabled, you can benefit from a range of other apps.

Gather real time building population data

Fastlane ConnectThe FastCount app gathers data using the Fastlane Connect ethernet interface, providing real time building population information whilst logging entry/exit counts and delivering the data in a file for subsequent analysis. The application may provide population data for a number of zones where Fastlane turnstiles are employed to define particular areas. FastCount can be integrated with the range of Fastlane turnstiles or Door Detective Plus products, with or without access control authorisation as required. FastCount is particularly useful for buildings which have public access lobbies, with shopping areas or restaurants, and then entrance-controlled office spaces above.

View live video of turnstile use and recorded security events


Fastlane Connect CameraUsing an IP camera, we can provide a live video stream of the Fastlane turnstiles connected to your local area network (LAN). Rather than using icons to represent the lanes, the live video feed is used to provide a representation of the actual lane layout, entry and exit buttons are provided that may be placed on the respective lanes for visitor access control using the Fastlane Connect Ethernet interface.  In addition, the camera application enables you to create timestamped video footage of any security breaches or events which are either automatically saved following a turnstile alarm sounding, or manually recorded if you notice a scenario that is occurring before the turnstile is being accessed.

Control and monitor multiple lanes from one screen

The newest addition to the Fastlane Connect suite of apps is FastCmd (Fast Command). This Windows based app will allow authorised users to control and monitor their Fastlane turnstiles from a convenient Windows PC or Tablet connected to the same network.

Fastlane Connect FastCmd app on large monitorProviding an alternative to the Multilane Touchscreen Controller, FastCmd communicates using IP and can monitor and control up to 63 lanes of Fastlane turnstiles if all are connected to the same network, with eight lanes presented on screen at any one time. Lane displays mimic the installation layout for ease of identification, with entry and exit mode selection and alarms all displayed live on screen.

FastCmd is ideal for environments requiring multiple turnstiles, a large foyer in a corporate office for example, as a receptionist or security guard is able to control all lanes just by logging into the app via a PC or Tablet, making it incredibly simple and intuitive to use. The app also accurately assesses traffic through the barriers, is capable of displaying individual lane data and provides instant feedback of traffic flow and incidents, with high processing speed to prevent traffic build-up.

For clients already using IP connected Fastlane turnstiles, FastCmd can be retrofitted. For any new customers, the app is now available for download here from the Fastlane website, along with the Fastlane Finder Tool. A number of other apps will be available via this downloads page soon, so be sure to check back regularly to ensure you get the most out of your entrance control system.

If you’d like to discuss your entrance control requirements, or arrange a visit to our demo suite at our head office in West London for a live demonstration of our range of entrance control products and the associated accessories and apps, please contact our team on +44 (0)20 8890 5550 or email


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