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Top of the shops in entrance control – Fastlane turnstiles secure online fashion retail sites

A well-known online fashion and cosmetic retailer has chosen Fastlane turnstiles to secure a number of its global sites, two of the more recent ones are in the UK. Much like a high street store, this kind of retail environment is full of valuable stock and other assets. The entrance control system is designed to permit access only to authorised staff and visitors, ensuring that the goods and people within are protected.

Working with Premier Security Systems, one of our key installation partners, the Glassgate 400 has been installed at both UK sites, providing the highest level of security within the Fastlane range. Featuring 1.8m of laminated and toughened safety glass barriers, the Glassgate 400 acts as an imposing psychological barrier to deter intruders, as well as physically preventing them from gaining unauthorised access.

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As well as preventing unauthorised entries, the Glassgate 400 is integrated with a random person screening tool for staff stop and search purposes. Acting as a theft deterrent, this randomiser provides a totally unbiased and non-discriminatory method for randomly selecting people – employees or visitors – to screen as they exit or enter the building.

“We enjoy working with Integrated Design Limited as their turnstiles are capable of integrating with all known access control systems, as well as most other third-party products,” comments Dave Harris, Director at Premier Security Systems. “Working closely with IDL’s technical team, we designed a system which facilitates the integration of the random person screening tool with the Glassgate 400, which means this retailer can carry out random staff stop and search checks without the fear of a discrimination lawsuit.”

As with all products in the Fastlane range, the Glassgate 400 was designed with the latest optical technology, enabling optimum throughput of authorised users with minimum intrusion in their daily lives, ensuring quick user acceptance.

Phil Allen, Regional Sales Manager (UK & Eire) at Integrated Design Limited, comments: “This online fashion and cosmetic retailer chose our highest security turnstile as it suits both their security and aesthetic requirements. It provides a clear physical and psychological deterrent to anyone considering sneaking in, yet it doesn’t look too heavy duty. It can also process users quickly, so they don’t end up with frustrating bottlenecks during peak times when staff are arriving or leaving for the day.”

For more information about the Glassgate 400 or to arrange a private product demonstration at our showroom in Feltham, West London, please get in touch with our team on +44 (0)20 8890 5550 or email


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