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Entrance control shouldn’t be anti-social

Fastlane secures all but one of the major social media platforms

Over the past 10 years, social media use has risen across the globe at a meteoric rate, with the number of users worldwide each month in 2018 standing at 3.2 billion, up 13 percent year-on-year and rising.[i]

With that growth – and following news headlines concerning data protection scandals – comes the increasing need for social media companies to provide the highest level of security to ensure that their users’ information and online identities remain secure. Securing this data doesn’t just require robust cyber security measures; physical security plays a very important role too. You can read more about how to physically protect your data here.

Social media providers’ strict security policies start at the entrance to their offices and Fastlane turnstiles are now the entrance control solution of choice for all but one of the top 5 social media companies, with various models installed in offices throughout globally.

Key to securing these kind of office environments, and ensuring that entrance control doesn’t become obtrusive and ‘anti-social’ for users, is creating a system which provides the required level of security and makes employees feel safe, without disrupting the flow of people or compromising the building’s design aesthetic.

Located in many multi-tenanted buildings, one social media company chose bespoke Glassgate 150 turnstiles to secure their floor and ensure that only authorised staff and visitors can gain access to their office. Designed to complement the style of the building and the company’s brand, these units look incredibly slick and, using the latest multi-beam infrared technology capable of processing up to 1 person per second, allow entry to authorised users quickly, preventing user frustration.

Door detective in office hallway

Looking for a superior level of security and detection on their internal doors to restrict access to high security areas such as their server rooms, the same social media company installed Door Detective units.

Monitoring the throughput of access-controlled doorways, corridors and passageways, Door Detective ensures that the ‘one person one access’ rule is met, monitoring the number of people passing through an access-controlled doorway and in which direction. This additional level of security provides management with the reassurance that only authorised visits are being made to these high-risk areas and that data will not be compromised through a physical breach.

Looking for a higher security option to monitor and control movement at their main entranceway, Smarter Security – our partner in the USA – have installed Fastlane Glassgate 300s in a well-known social media office in California. Having already provided the company with entrance controls for their high-rise office for many years, it was great to see this existing customer choose the Fastlane Glassgate 300 for their new office, knowing that their entrance lobby would be safe and secure without needing to comprise the aesthetics of their new building or inconvenience users.

IDL created the Glassgate 300 in response to demand from our customers for a ‘light’ looking, yet higher security turnstile. This dual swing barrier features a modern stainless steel enclosure and is available with glass barriers in four different heights, making it suitable for every security application. This particular social media company chose tall barriers to provide a clear physical and psychological deterrent to unauthorised users.

Fastlane Glassgate 400 entrance control security speedgate turnstile

The Glassgate 400 has also proven popular with another social media company. Designed for use when only the highest security will suffice, when this model was first unveiled to the market there were initial reservations, with some believing that the full height design would be too intrusive to be well received. However, the Glassgate 400 has established itself as an important product within the industry, reflecting the growing concerns about threat and the evolution in installing highly visible and more prominent security as an important way of preventing unauthorised access.

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