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Explore Fastlane entrance control across the globe

With threats always evolving, organisations across the world have to ensure their security keeps pace, maintaining a safe environment for their staff, visitors and assets.

When it comes to entrance control, Fastlane turnstiles have the flexibility and versatility to effectively secure any facility, including providing third-party integrations and bespoke customisations.

With this in mind, journey with us across Europe, Asia and North America in our latest video, as we explore some of the incredible buildings we have provided entrance control for around the globe, or read on to find out more.

Zain’s headquarters – Kuwait

IDL’s Fastlane 400MA turnstiles secured Zain’s Kuwait headquarters for over 15 years. Although the units were still working well, they started to look a little dated, so Zain decided to freshen up their security. Upon consulting IDL they chose the Fastlane Glassgate 150 as their new entrance control as it offers the latest in elegant design, intelligent technology and security at a modest price point.

UNESCO headquarters – Paris

Due to continuing security concerns, UNESCO found itself in the position of having to review and strengthen the security at its HQ in Paris. The new entrance was designed to be entirely transparent, elevating the security checkpoint into a ‘smart building’. By selecting the Fastlane R400MA turnstiles for entrance control, they were able to offer unrivalled processing speeds coupled with an aesthetic design which sits comfortably in a building designed to put everything on display.

Pacific Gas & Electric headquarters – San Francisco

The Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) headquarters occupies over 1.7 million square feet of real estate in the San Francisco-area, with over 8,000 people passing through each day. It is a unique space due to its status as a historical landmark. It means its security has to meet a stringent list of requirements, including ensuring the entrance control is minimally invasive to the existing building structure, and fulfils the low-voltage electrical requirements in order for the building to maintain its LEED Platinum Certification. The solution was the customised Glassgate 200, complete with brass alloy cladding with black shafts, featuring graphic displays and bespoke Corian pedestal tops.

Toei Animation – Tokyo

Toei Animation’s new production studio was both a functioning office and a public gallery. High on the agenda was security that reflects Toei Animation’s brand and personality. In this instance it was important to strike the right balance between security and entertainment. We supplied eight lanes of customised Glassgate 200 turnstiles that featured their logo, silk screened onto the decorative tops. This unique feature helps to welcome staff and business partners, presenting a great first impression of the company.

Manhattan skyscraper – New York

The slick new development in the heart of midtown Manhattan is home to various professional tenants and welcomes over 1000 users each day. The client originally required a seamless yet high security entrance control solution, however in the wake of the pandemic their health and safety concerns grew and the need for touchless entry came to the forefront. The solution was clear and customised Fastlane Plus 400MA barrier arm turnstiles, with integrated IDEMIA MorphoWave™ Compact readers, were supplied and installed at the offices.

Ministry of Finance – Riyadh

When securing the Ministry of Finance in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the brief was clear – entrance control that could offer a high level of security, while also providing touchless entry. By installing three lanes of the Glassgate 150 integrated with IDEMIA’s Morphowave Compact, we were able to fulfil all their requirements.

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