Touchless turnstiles facilitate a safe return to high profile Manhattan skyscraper post pandemic

Foresight and a commitment from the building developers to provide a secure and seamless entry experience for users – through the use of cutting-edge technology – is helping tenants of a Manhattan skyscraper to return to their place of work safely, following the unforeseen pandemic.

The slick new development in the heart of midtown Manhattan is home to various professional tenants – from legal and financial services companies to media, tech and healthcare businesses. Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, the property welcomed around one thousand people through its doors each day, so a seamless yet high security entrance control solution was essential.

In the wake of the pandemic, new health and safety concerns shot to the forefront – such as limiting high traffic touchpoints – and, as the workforce now gradually returns, the chosen entrance control solution is rising to the new challenges faced.

First-class technological solution required

The key concerns prior to COVID-19 included being able to monitor and manage the movement of people within the building, preventing unauthorised access and increasing the building’s operational efficiency, all whilst providing a seamless user experience. The solution was clear and customised Fastlane Plus 400MA barrier arm turnstiles, with integrated IDEMIA MorphoWave™ Compact readers, were supplied and installed at the offices.

Providing the very latest in high tech, barrier arm pedestrian entrance control systems, the 400MA is our top of the range Fastlane Plus product. Using advanced infrared technology to optimise and monitor the passage of individuals entering and leaving a facility, and featuring swift action barrier arms, the 400MA performs as a physical deterrent to unauthorised access but will ensure expedient and convenient throughput for authorised pedestrians.

Cutting edge integrations improve user experience

Whereas traditionally a user would present a card to a turnstile mounted card reader, when integrated with Fastlane turnstiles the MorphoWave™ Compact – with its touchless 3D fingerprint technology – allows authorised users to gain access with a simple wave of the hand. Nicolas Raffin, VP Marketing Biometric Devices at IDEMIA, comments:

“There is virtually no dwell time. The system is capable of processing up to 50 users per minute, avoiding the issue of bottlenecks forming during peak times.”

In addition to the entrance control system, to help facilitate a smooth user experience an internally developed system was utilised to enrol personnel before arriving on site. This means that when a user visits, they approach the turnstile and use their pre-enrolled hand to gain access to the building.

Three supplementary integrated technologies were also added, including an elevator destination dispatch display and proximity card and Qscan windows, which were all embedded into the stainless steel pedestal of the turnstiles. The result of integrating all of this leading technology is a high level of identity assurance with a quick, seamless entry process for users.

Touchless technologies improve hygiene and user confidence in the wake of COVID-19

As well as providing seamless user operation, the touchless biometric system has been well received by visitors and end users as they begin to return to the office post pandemic due to improved hygiene, as no physical contact is required to gain authorised access through the turnstiles.

The use of integrated technologies means that touchpoints are reduced in areas of heavy traffic and is an effective way of improving and maintaining hygiene standards.

Retrofitting touchless technology

For those buildings that already have Fastlane turnstiles installed, it is possible to have the MorphoWave™ Compact integrated retrospectively.

Tony Smith, Major Accounts and Marketing Manager at Integrated Design Limited comments:

“We can look to provide a retrofit kit to attach a replacement end panel to turnstiles units if requested, to seamlessly integrate the MorphoWave™ Compact retrospectively.”

This retrofit option can help save time and money, as it avoids starting from scratch, but is also a good solution for companies who are concerned with the aesthetic appeal of their systems.

As Nicholas says:

“IDL’s method of integration really stands out as their technical and design teams go to the effort of incorporating our product into the pedestal of the turnstile itself, rather than treating it as a bolt-on.”

If you would any more information about this integration, please contact our team today on +44 (0)208 890 5550 or send us an email to to find out more.