Zain Telecommunications Fastlane Turnstiles installation

Fastlane selected again for leading telecommunications company in the Middle East

When it came to replacing their existing entrance control solution, Fastlane was the obvious choice for Zain, the pioneer of mobile telecommunications in the Middle East and North Africa.

Having had Fastlane 400MA turnstiles in place at their Kuwait headquarters for over 15 years, and with them being very well used throughout that time, despite still working the units were starting to look a little dated, so it was only right for Zain to once again explore what Integrated Design Limited could offer.

Zain Telecom Fastlane Turnstile installation

Working with Kuwait Computer Services (KCS), our integration partner and one of the leading digital security and surveillance solutions providers in the region, Zain upgraded to the Fastlane Glassgate 150, offering the latest in elegant design, intelligent technology and security at a modest price point.

Fastlane Glassgate 150s have been installed in three buildings at Zain’s HQ in Kuwait and, along with their integrated access control system , are preventing the most common access control violations such as tailgating, passback and unauthorised entrance attempts, ensuring a safe working environment for staff and visitors.

Featuring sleek materials – such as a stainless-steel enclosure, glass spine panel and glass pedestal height swing barriers – Zain selected the Glassgate 150 as it offers a stylish, compact and cost-effective option, whilst also providing the very latest in high tech entrance security. The turnstiles also seamlessly integrate with Zain’s existing access control system, to control access with access cards and face recognition terminals.

Zain Telecom Fastlane Turnstiles installation

“After performing seamlessly for around 15 years, the time came for our existing Fastlane 400MA turnstiles to be replaced,” comments Khalifa Obaid from Zain Kuwait. “Having been very happy with their performance over the years, it was only natural that we spoke to IDL and KCS to see what the Fastlane range could offer as a replacement solution. The Glassgate 150 units are virtually silent when in operation and this, coupled with their elegant design, has meant they’ve blended into our environment perfectly. We’re also experiencing higher operational performance with very minimal turnstile downtime.”

“Our client was really happy with the original Fastlane turnstiles installed on site, as they continued to operate for more than their expected lifetime,” comments Mahmoud Al-Hawari from KCS. “When the time came for an upgrade, the Glassgate 150 – one of the models in IDL’s Speedgates range – perfectly satisfied Zain’s requirement for a superior cost-effective product. Executing the project on time with excellent support from IDL resulted in a successful end result and a happy client.”

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