Cleveland State University residence entrances

Securing Cleveland State University’s student accommodation

Historically, students attending Cleveland State University (CSU) commuted to the facility. When the University decided to develop into more of a traditional campus style, Euclid Commons, student halls of residence, was developed. To provide a secure environment for student residents and reassure parents of their safety, the University wanted to install a first-class security system to control access to the apartment-style accommodation, which would house over 600 students in four buildings.

Smarter Security, our exclusive Fastlane distributor in the USA, supplied two access control lanes at each of the two entrances to Euclid Commons via the university’s chosen Installer, ExperTech. The University wanted a system which would put a stop to unauthorised entries without residents feeling like they were living in a cage, so Fastlane Plus lanes were chosen to provide the required level of security whilst also complementing the buildings’ state-of-the-art features. Because of its sleek design, Fastlane Plus also proved to be the most suitable choice due to the limited space available in the lobby. A modification was made to base unit, making the alarm sound louder and more obtrusive to enable it to better cut through even the loudest of student background noise.

ExperTech Systems installed two Fastlane Plus lanes next to the attendant’s desk at the residence hall building entrance. The university decided that metal barrier arm units would be better than glass barrier arms due to cost and durability.

Following the rapid acceptance of the new units by students, and the clear improvement in security, the University has since installed further Fastlane Plus lanes ready for the opening of Euclid Commons phase two.

Commenting on the project, Ken Murphy, Director of Security at CSU, said: “We’re pleased to report that there have been no issues with the Fastlane Plus units, despite heavy use and occasional messing-around by students. The University has been very happy with the end result – students feel psychologically more secure, parents have peace-of-mind knowing that the turnstiles provide greater physical security and the turnstiles have been incredibly reliable.”

Ken went on to praise John Cocking from Smarter Security and Jim Farmer from ExperTech: “Although it may sound like a line, it was going to be very difficult for the University to fail on this project with John Cocking and Jim Farmer involved.”

Tony Smith, Major Accounts and Marketing Manager, at Integrated Design Limited, adds: “Smarter Security, our long term exclusive partners for the Americas and Canada do a fabulous job with our Fastlane Turnstiles and Door Detective products and our end users really do benefit from this great partnership – we provide the high quality, reliable products and Smarter Security provide the excellent project consultation, sales, installation, technical support and customer service. We, as well as the University, were delighted with how rapidly the new units were accepted by students and we look forward to many more projects like this in the future.”

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