Fastlane Plus 150SA barrier arm entrance control security turnstile

Are you one of our product developers?

Agile product development is key to our success and our customers are our best and most important product developers.  The feedback that we get, even in the form of a casual passing comment to one of the sales team, all helps to shape the future of our products.  Listening is what drives our innovation and keeps the Fastlane and Door Detective products on the specifications for major corporations and projects around the world including Virgin Media, Goldman Sachs, the new World Trade Towers in NYC and redevelopment of the Angel Building.

Some of the feedback we receive might be customer specific, resulting in the creation of a bespoke product to fulfil that need solely.  Others might be responding to market developments in what is currently a very volatile environment.  Security concerns have never been greater, or more widely felt, and this is being reflected in innovations with our product range and specifications.  Companies that have previously considered themselves to not be at risk are reviewing their staff and customer responsibilities more seriously and tightening up security.

With a company created by an engineer, Derek Huff, invention and reiteration are at our core.  Boasting an on-site testing suite and with manufacturing taking place at our facility in the UK, it’s easy for our engineering and product development teams to test theories and quickly ascertain whether we are going to be able to implement the requested changes. We can also  easily identify what the impact on timescale and cost will be so that there are no unexpected hold-ups.

Recent developments

In response to demand from companies in New York, we have introduced a new Swing Arm product.  Similar in styling to our Glassgate 150 turnstile, this product reflects this particular market’s desire for a bi-directional, dual arm barrier turnstile.  This is available in the US only currently, through our partner Smarter Security, and has recently been demonstrated on stand at ISC East in New York. Recognising that our overseas customers have differing needs, and responding to these needs with tailored or completely unique products, is key to our success in overseas markets.

Another new addition to the range is the Glassgate 155 – based on the GG150 design, the GG155 features a locking brake and a longer chassis which allows for larger glass panels, enabling the creation of a wider lane of 1100mm and thus providing better disabled access.

Our teams are continuously designing new and improved products in response to changing market and customer needs, both in the UK and overseas, but they’re also experts at adapting our existing range to suit a specific project’s requirements. A number of recent adaptations include:

  • We have introduced optional locking breaks across the whole range, in response to a market desire to have doors which will resist opening even in the face of extreme force.
  • The Fastlane Connect suite of products continues to develop, with extended warranties for those who register their products online in addition to the benefits of Ethernet connectivity for updates and remote management.
  • GG200 is now on its third iteration, having recently been redeveloped and a project is in progress for Goldman Sachs, who have had units in place for the past eight years and want to maintain the overall look but introduce some new features.
  • Full height glass door options have been integrated in several different turnstiles in the Fastlane range.  Whilst not appropriate in every environment, some customers have requested greater choice from these barriers when they are looking to create a strong physical as well as psychological deterrent.

In addition to these product line developments, we also deliver bespoke products to fulfil individual client needs.  In the past 12 months, more than 50% of our orders have featured a bespoke element to them, again made simple by our in-house testing and manufacturing capability.  You can read more about the types of bespoke options available here.

Listening to customers and adapting to their individual and market needs is critical, and has been central to our success over the past 30 years so if you have any comments on our product range, drop us a line at