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Securing crowded places with innovative, integrated technologies

As stated by Alex Younger, Chief of MI6, earlier this month, the scale of the threat from terrorism in the UK is unprecedented. Every crowded space, be it a historic site, railway station, sports stadium, shopping centre or music gig, poses a unique threat and risk profile, where there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. To start the process of viewing existing security technologies through new eyes and to see new opportunities to reduce the threat of terrorist activity in crowded environments, the Home Office and CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) supported an exciting and immersive experience at the 2016 UK Security Expo in London.

The theme was ‘Securing Crowded Places’, with its focus on screening, tracking and response, providing an opportunity for visitors to the show to think about how existing cutting edge technologies could be used in novel ways to enhance security in these hard-to-secure areas.  As such, we were honoured to be invited to include two of our turnstiles, alongside a variety of other leading security solutions from a range of highly respected companies including Securitas and Christie.

The demonstrator area provided an immersive environment where visitors could experience the featured security solutions in a realistic context.

The Fastlane Glassgate 150 and Intelligate 300 were featured in the Track Zone, the main focus of which was to identify and maintain coverage of suspicious activity. The Intelligate 300 was integrated with the Mass Spec Analytical Scentinel™ mobile explosive detection system, which simultaneously searches for improvised and military-grade explosives as well as other chemical risks. When integrated with our turnstile, this system will protect public events from explosive or chemical threats, by screening every person attending the event and only allowing access to people who test negatively for traces of harmful materials.

Our Glassgate 150 was integrated with FST Biometrics’ IMID™ product, fusing biometric and analytical technologies including facial recognition and body behaviour analytics, to provide high security access control without users having to stop or slow down to gain authorised entry.  The following photograph shows the integration of the camera used by IMID in the top of the turnstile.

Roger Cumming, Crowded Places Demonstrator Project Manager and MD at Fenley Martel Limited, commented: “The increase in terrorist threats on crowded places such as transport infrastructure or sports environments has made this topic incredibly high profile and, therefore, one of the most important issues for the security industry to tackle. We invited some of the leaders in their markets to get together to provide a joint response, showing how the latest technologies can be integrated and used to provide greater protection of crowded places. The key to the Crowded Places Demonstrator area was to showcase the various technologies working in as realistic a setting as possible. With the help of the many partners involved, we certainly achieved this.”

Tony Smith, Major Accounts and Marketing Manager at Integrated Design Limited, added: “It was a real honour to be selected to be part of the Home Office and CPNI Crowded Places Demonstrator area. Roger did a fantastic job of introducing new partners to collaborate, resulting in an immersive environment for visitors. It was great for us to show how our turnstiles become the hub for the integration of other technologies to provide a greater level of security in crowded places, and we hope to be invited to participate again next year.” 

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