Fastlane Intelligate 300 entrance control security turnstile

Product Profile: Intelligate 300 with Ethernet connectivity

The Fastlane Intelligate 300 is a bi-directional motorised access gate, primarily designed to allow for an extra wide lane providing easy but controlled passage for all people, including wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility. This product also facilitates easier delivery of parcels or other oversized items which might be too large for standard sized lanes. Thanks to its high processing speed ensuring that traffic doesn’t build up, and its door-like motion, this product is quickly accepted by users.

Featuring toughened, lockable glass doors (laminated on tall glass products), available in four height options, the Intelligate acts as an imposing psychological barrier to intruders as well as physically preventing them from gaining unauthorised access. Despite the high security this product offers, the Intelligate still maintains a prestige look and feel, with superior quality Stainless Steel and Corian® feature panels providing a high quality finish to complement a range of building interiors.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with access control, CCTV and whole building management systems, the Intelligate 300 utilises a class-leading infrared detection system. This system accurately assess traffic which passes through the barrier, differentiating body mass from smaller objects and providing instant feedback of traffic flow, deciding how many people to admit and in which direction of travel. Any unexpected movements are instantly met with an audible and visual alarm and signals are instantly passed to your access control or CCTV system to acknowledge an alarm condition has occurred.

Intelligate 300 also features Fastlane Connect, the ethernet connectability programme from IDL, which allows a fast and secure way to monitor and manage entrance control operation remotely, whether this is onsite or from any location globally, via a secure web-based portal.

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