ClubFit24 Door Detective

Touchless entrance control protects revenue streams and facilitates a COVID-safe return for ClubFit24 members

Installing a touchless entrance control system in August 2019 had a number of immediate benefits for ClubFit24, but also a number of unknown ones which, in the wake of COVID-19, are now ensuring the safe return to the facility for members during the Coronavirus pandemic.

ClubFit24 is an independent gym in Rushden, Northants which was looking to differentiate itself in the very competitive fitness market. With an increasing number of leisure facilities opening, it had become harder for independents to compete with the larger chains. Offering members as much choice as possible is key and, when it comes to a gym, that means providing flexible access to the facilities.

ClubFit24 decided to extend its opening to 24 hours a day to provide ultimate flexibility for its members. Working in conjunction with ClubWise Software – providers of the Leisure Management Software used by ClubFit24 – All Right Now Ltd installed a new entrance control system to provide members with reliable 24 hour access and a high level of security, whilst simultaneously protecting revenue streams for ClubFit24 by preventing non-members from gaining unauthorised access.

An integrated solution

As part of All Right Now’s GymSecure offering, Fastlane’s Door Detective Plus was installed to prevent tailgating and linked to the CCTV system so that staff can identify offenders. To manage member bookings, the entrance control system was also integrated with the ClubWise member app, FitSense.

When a member books, FitSense generates a single-use QR code which means that users don’t need to be issued with cards, making the entrance control system touchless. Once the member has scanned the app on their smartphone, if their membership is valid and they have made a booking, the door releases and they can gain access. This functionality has also allowed ClubFit24 to limit and control the number of people using the facilities at any one time, helping them to become COVID-compliant.

On the inside of the door and connected directly to the CCTV system is the Door Detective Plus, which improves the functionality of the access controlled door with the inclusion of tailgate detection. The Door Detective units sit neatly behind the door with all the wiring concealed in the door frame. For each authorisation, the active infrared matrix – based on Fastlane’s Optical turnstile functionality – is monitoring for unauthorised access, wrong direction of travel and tailgate events, providing the access control and CCTV systems with an alarm signal in the event of a breach.

Stephen Goodridge from All Right Now comments: “It has always been the problem with door access control that once the door has been opened, any number of people can pass through the door unnoticed and unchallenged. Tailgating in this kind of environment can be an issue, with members letting their friends in to use the facilities for free if there is no one staffing the front door. The Door Detective is a really unique product; it’s the only product I’ve come across that detects tailgating in this way and issues an alert when more than one person passes through on one authorised credential, so it was the ideal solution for ClubFit24. Connected to the CCTV system and a monitoring station, Door Detective makes it easy for ClubFit24 staff to see which members are responsible for tailgating and respond accordingly.”

Phil Allen, Regional Sales Manager (UK & Eire) at IDL, adds: “Back in 2019 when the system was installed, it was clear that the key requirements were for a more reliable and secure form of entrance control, as well as providing 24 hr access to members, which the installed system definitely delivers on. In the wake of the pandemic, however, new health and safety concerns shot to the forefront – such as controlling the number of users in the facility at any one time – and, as gyms began to reopen, the installed entrance control solution has demonstrated how it can also rise to the new challenges being faced.”

“Both the products and manufacturer – IDL – tick a lot of boxes,” adds Stephen. “The Fastlane products are manufactured in the UK and are of great quality, IDL has great green credentials and their sales team are timely in their response. In addition, they provide free training and, if required, their technical support is great. They were the obvious choice for this project.”

The Co-Owner of Clubfit24, Laurence James, is also pleased with the result and commented: “I can be positive about the product itself, which works very well and is a much more durable and reliable system than our previous one.”

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