Fastlane Plus 400MA entrance control security barrier arm turnstile

Product Profile: Fastlane Plus 400MA Barrier Arm Turnstile

Providing the very latest in high tech, barrier arm pedestrian entrance control systems, the 400MA is our top of the range Fastlane Plus product. Using advanced infrared technology to optimise and monitor the passage of individuals entering and leaving a facility, and featuring swift action barrier arms, the 400MA performs as a physical deterrent to unauthorised access but will ensure expedient and convenient throughput for authorised pedestrians.

This elegant turnstile features an intuitive lane status display to guide users through the system and can be configured to match the required entry and exit settings each specific building requires, for example card in/card out or card in/free exit with automatic operation of the barrier arms on exit. The barrier arm of the 400MA has a unique self-resetting breakaway feature to ensure safe egress in an emergency.

Occupying a minimal footprint and featuring a stainless steel and Corian top system for maximum aesthetic flexibility, the 400MA ensures a discreet presence and minimal impact on the building design, whilst meeting the style and functional requirements of architects and specifiers. This combination of function and form makes the 400MA ideally suited to environments such as reception areas or lift lobbies where space is limited but an effective and attractive access control measure is still required. The enclosures are 965mm by 168mm to allow for easy and unheeded passage of pedestrians and their belongings, ensuring users can pass through the security measures without unnecessary delay.

In addition to the barrier arms themselves, the 400MA features 32 individual beam paths which are capable of processing up to 1 person per second, but also include an anti-crawl system, creating an alert should a person try and pass under the barrier arms. These beam paths identify tailgaters as close as 5mm from the authorised pedestrian, thus enforcing a one pass/one entry policy. In the event of a pedestrian attempting to enter without permission, the 400MA features a secure 2-stage alarm response, sounding an alarm and activating the barriers to deter the unauthorised individual. If the entrant continues to attempt to push past the barrier arms then a second alarm sounds, optionally triggering other security actions such as CCTV or locking doors by integration with compatible systems.

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