Fastlane on screen

Product Profile: Fastlane Connect FastCam and FastCount applications

The latest additions to the Fastlane range of products are the Fastlane Connect FastCam and FastCount applications. Unveiled at IFSEC 2017, these new products to be released soon, have been developed to provide users of Fastlane turnstiles with the ability to view live video streaming of turnstile use and capture recorded security events, and provide real time building population data.

Fastlane Connect – FastCam

FastCam utilises an IP Camera to provide a live video stream of the Fastlane turnstiles connected to your local area network LAN. Rather than using icons to represent the lanes, the live video feed is used to provide a representation of the actual lane layout, entry and exit buttons are provided that may be placed on the respective lanes for visitor access control using the Fastlane Connect Ethernet interface.  In addition, the application enables you to create timestamped video footage of any security breaches or events which are either automatically saved following a turnstile alarm sounding, or manually recorded if you notice a scenario that is occurring before the turnstile is being accessed.

Fastlane Connect – FastCount

FastCount gathers data using the Fastlane Connect ethernet interface, providing real time building population information whilst logging entry/exit counts and delivering the data in a file for subsequent analysis. The application may provide population data for a number of zones where Fastlane Turnstiles are employed to define particular areas. FastCount can be integrated with the range of Fastlane Turnstiles or Door Detective Plus with or without access control authorisation as required. FastCount is particularly useful for buildings which have public access lobbies, with shopping areas or restaurants, and then entry controlled office spaces above.

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