Fastlane team at Mercedes Benz World lined up infront of building

Fastlane celebrates its podium position

To celebrate the company’s continued success and to reward the hardworking team, Integrated Design Limited treated employees to an unforgettable day out at Mercedes-Benz World.  With dynamic driving on the handling circuits, a 4X4 off-road adventure and racing simulator challenges, the Fastlane team enjoyed a range of experiences to encourage effective communication and a sense of adventure.  Executives presented their vision for the company’s continued progression, and stressed how vital the employees are in ensuring that can be achieved.

Some highlights of the past 12 months were referenced, including securing the environmental ISO certification 14001, further sales increases in the UK and USA, and achieving the highest levels of production whilst still ensuring that product quality and customer service remained excellent. There have been product innovations and contract wins to celebrate too, including the Door Detective Plus release with Fastlane Connect functionality, revised Glassgate 200 and 300 Speedgates, and two high profile custom orders.

Managing Director, Derek Huff, commented, “As with every year, the last year has brought us new projects, innovations and challenges and the team has consistently upped their game to deliver everything. We have had some bespoke projects that have really stretched us and shown us that there is so much that we are capable of and I wanted this company day out to both reward that, and encourage everyone to strive for more for our customers.”

The parting message of the conference was that quality is not just in the product, it’s in the service too, from how we answer the phone to how we’re represented at exhibitions. Half of the IDL brand promise is about the product and innovation, but also key to that is the customer service delivery from the IDL team. The team away day was about making sure that the whole team is tight, everyone understands each other’s roles across the company, and everyone is focused on delivering the best possible service for the customer.

The day was summed up by a quote from Steve Cannon, President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz:

“If you believe in customer experience, you’re going to have to make your employees believe that this is at the top of your priority list. If you say it’s a priority, you have to live it as a priority.”

We have put it top of our list.