7 World Trade Center sign

7 World Trade Center, New York chooses Fastlane Glassgate

IDL has been working with Smarter Security, our partner in the USA, since 1995 and during this time we have seen the security requirements of customers change significantly, most notably following the devastating terror attacks which took place on 11th September, 2001.

After this terrible event, 7 World Trade Center was the first tower to be rebuilt. Whilst no level of security or building design ingenuity can provide 100% protection, the buildings which form the new World Trade Center complex have been built using the latest engineering techniques and materials to make them more resistant to attacks, giving the people that work there, tenants and visitors a degree of comfort as they go about their daily lives. Our turnstiles also play a part in this daily assurance.

Working with Smarter Security, we supplied a bespoke Fastlane Glassgate product to secure the lobby and integrate with the lift destination control system at 7 World Trade Center. You can read the full case study in Security Management Magazine.