Meet the Installer – Grant MacLean, Managing Director at Alternative Systems Protection (ASP)

Founded in 1989, Alternative Systems Protection (ASP) design, supply and install complete security systems nationwide. They pride themselves on the quality of the service they provide and have been an integration partner of IDL for over 15 years.

Here, Managing Director, Grant MacLean tells us more about their relationship with Fastlane and why Fastlane turnstiles have been the ideal choice for a number of ASP’s installation projects.

 Why is Fastlane your entrance control partner of choice?

One of the primary reasons we partner with Fastlane is because of the reliability and quality of their products. We know we can rely on their products to just work! We have found their products to be highly dependable with very few issues either around installation or once they are up and running, and have no problem recommending them to our customers.

The IDL team is approachable and supportive, especially with custom integrations of readers and biometrics for specific client requirements. We do a lot of work in the leisure sector and find their integrated solutions particularly beneficial, for example when customers are looking to support ‘pay and play’ services, where non-members of a leisure centre pay to use the gym or pool.

Can you explain more about any projects ASP has been involved in where Fastlane turnstiles were selected as the ideal solution?

We have been involved in numerous projects where Fastlane was chosen as the entrance control solution. For example, at the University of Birmingham’s Sport and Fitness Centre, our client was looking for a security solution that would meet the needs of a wide variety of centre users as well as providing data on how the centre was being used.

The Fastlane turnstile solution not only provided a secure and seamless entrance experience but also ensured that the centre could collect important data on facility usage, enabling them to create more sophisticated membership features and optimise centre use.

Another example is at a number of sites run by Edinburgh Leisure, where ASP installed Fastlane turnstiles at 10 of these popular facilities. We implemented RFID and touchscreen technology for access control and member management, enabling customers to self-serve and improve customer service. RFID technology integration also extended to other systems within the centre, including gym equipment, which created a contactless membership experience for users.

Implementing this integrated digital approach allowed the redeployment of staff members to other areas of the business, and data collection improvements were realised, enabling the potential for digital transformation throughout the entire member journey.

What questions are commonly asked by clients in the security specification process? What features are commonly asked for?

Our clients are primarily concerned about unauthorised access and often request turnstiles with higher glass barriers to create a more visible deterrent, especially useful for 24-hour gym operations.

Fastlane’s solutions come with anti-climb over detection which triggers an alarm if someone tries to scale the turnstile. Customers also want to balance aesthetics with security, so it’s great that we can put forward a solution such as the Glassgate 400, which, with its sleek design provides a much better high-security option than some of the more ‘traditional’ metal turnstiles you might have seen at football stadiums!

For our library customers, they might request integration with a book detection system that prevents people from walking out with books that haven’t been checked out. The system uses tags in the books, and the lane will refuse to open if someone tries to walk out with an item they’re not allowed to leave with.

Other common requests include custom integrations of readers and biometrics for specific client requirements, as well as the use of facial recognition and RFID technology.

We also know that Fastlane systems are safer than some competitor solutions because of the multiple optical beams within their turnstiles and Door Detective units meaning they can detect the distance to the pedestrian behind and even the direction of movement. They can even detect luggage being carried or pulled – ensuring only one person gains access for each authorised card presented. It is this intelligent decision-making which makes Fastlane our preferred choice.

How important is third-party integration? What types of integrations have you worked on with Fastlane?

Third-party integration is crucial for clients requiring custom features to meet their needs. Fastlane turnstiles can be customised for a wide range of requirements, and we rarely encounter a situation where Fastlane cannot offer a bespoke solution.

We have worked with Fastlane on custom integrations of readers and biometrics for specific client requirements. For instance, we have integrated facial recognition and readers onto turnstiles to provide additional layers of security. Fastlane’s systems can be customised to meet the needs of various facilities, including gyms, libraries, and other types of buildings.

We have also integrated Fastlane turnstiles with other systems within a facility, such as the Gladstone Leisure Management Software, to allow for a more streamlined and efficient access control process.

Third-party integration is essential for clients who want to tailor their entrance control solutions to meet their unique needs. Fastlane products are highly adaptable and can be customised to work seamlessly with other systems and technologies to provide a comprehensive entrance control solution.

We hear you’re on tour…

We are excited to be exhibiting at Elevate 2023 on 14-15 June at ExCel in London, where we will demonstrate our integrated security solutions. This event is an excellent opportunity to see how our products work and meet the team.

We are proud of our relationship with Fastlane, and we believe that this show is an ideal platform to showcase the range of entrance control solutions provided by Fastlane and the installation services we provide to those within the leisure sector.

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