Fastlane Glassgate 400 entrance control security speedgate turnstile

Product Profile: Fastlane Glassgate 400 Update

Featuring 1.8m of laminated and toughened safety glass barriers acting as an imposing psychological barrier to intruders, as well as physically preventing them from gaining unauthorised access, the Glassgate 400 offers the highest level of physical deterrent available in the Fastlane pedestrian entrance control range.

As with all products in the Fastlane range, this entrance control system was designed with the latest optical technology, enabling optimum throughput of authorised users with minimum intrusion in their daily lives, ensuring quick user acceptance. It also features an optional locking brake, making the glass doors virtually impenetrable, even in the event of someone trying to gain unauthorised access by running at them or applying significant force to them.

When the product was first unveiled, there were initial reservations, with some believing that the full height design would be too intrusive to be well received. However, the Glassgate 400 has established itself as an important product within the industry, showing these original perceptions to be incorrect. The full height design and now optional locking brake is a demonstration of how Fastlane continues to evolve its product development to meet the changing requirements from the industry, reflecting the growing concerns about threat and the increasing demand for more prominent security to give confidence to users, whilst still maintaining a sleek design to complement a building’s aesthetic.

As well as proving popular in office environments, a variant of the Glassgate 400 unit can be used in immigration eGate applications at airports and ports. Creating an Interlock gate with entrance and exit side barriers which are never opened together, authorisation may be provided at the entrance or in the middle of the lane. The optical system monitors the number of people in the lane, and if two or more people are detected the entrance side barrier does not close, and the exit side barrier remains locked. When one person is detected, the entrance side barrier will close and lock before the exit side barrier will open.

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