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From security to monitoring and control: the added value of Optical turnstiles

We have written previously about the increasing trend for full-height turnstiles, particularly in high-profile buildings which have a high security requirement. However, not all buildings require such a high level of physical security. Orders for barrier-free Optical turnstiles are still being placed for facilities where there is less need to physically prevent unauthorised users from entering a designated area.

Rather than physically restraining a person, Optical turnstiles use sounds and lights to alert others to attempted unauthorised entries. Active infra-red beams create an invisible electronic field between two pedestals which monitor the passage of every individual entering and leaving a facility. Our range of Optical turnstiles are capable of detecting tailgating, collusion, non-entry and obstruction, and provide a similar level of security as half height turnstiles.

The Cira Centre, a landmark building in central Philadelphia, makes use of our Clearstyle 400 Optical turnstiles. With their unique minimalist design and transparent side panels, this model perfectly complements the building’s sleek silver and glass design, blending into the environment in which it sits.

Security isn’t the only purpose of our Optical range, however.  Capable of integrating with third-party building management systems such as lighting and HVAC, and security applications such as CCTV and door locking, the information generated by users passing through Optical turnstiles is of great value to building owners and managers who are looking to monitor and control the movement of people, and run their buildings efficiently. Knowing which areas of a building are occupied allows lighting to be switched on/off accordingly resulting in energy efficiencies, for example. And, if unauthorised access is detected, the turnstile can automatically trigger an action in response, such as locking nearby doors or activating and directing CCTV to the lane in question.

Optical turnstiles can also improve the safety of building occupants. Capable of keeping an accurate count of the number of people in a building at any given time, in the event of a fire, information on the number of people present in a building and even their location can help direct blue light services to the most critical areas.

Another popular application for our Optical turnstiles has been at American casinos, where an accurate count of people entering the venue is required for tax reasons. In this situation, having a reliable monitoring system in place is vital to track the true number of guests visiting the venue.

Optical turnstiles offer a cost-effective solution and, due to the ease of installation and minimalist design, they are less obtrusive on the physical space. Easy to maintain and reliable, they operate on a low level of power consumption which also helps lower the overall operating costs of the units.

If you are looking to monitor and control pedestrian access without using physical barriers, our Optical turnstiles could be an effective solution for your needs. Ensuring you choose the right entrance control for your specific application is key, so if you’d like to discuss your needs please contact our team on +44 (0)20 8890 5550 or email

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