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Fastlane turnstiles improve security at Teeside University library

Working with Security Solutions (Northern) Ltd, one of our key national installation partners and an approved IDL UK service provider, Fastlane turnstiles have been installed at Teeside University’s library to increase security and ensure that only authorised staff, students and visitors can gain access to the facility.

Four lanes of Fastlane Glassgate 150s have been installed at the library, which serves a student population of around 20,000 and is open 24-hours a day. The Glassgate 150 model was chosen as it offers a medium level of security, with pedestal-height glass barriers providing a visual deterrent to any potential intruders, whilst still maintaining an open feel enclosure making the units visually appealing.

Being manufactured in the UK was also a deciding factor. “Having investigated a number of alternative products, one of the key reasons Teeside University selected Fastlane turnstiles was due to the manufacturer, Integrated Design Limited (IDL), being a British company,” comments Adrian Nottingham, National Sales Manager at Security Solutions. “Because IDL keep a number of Glassgate 150s in stock, we were able to accommodate the university’s need for a rapid installation. And, being located in the UK, all Fastlane parts are easily and quickly sourced if there are any issues, which you don’t get if you work with products from outside of the UK.”

The university required a solution which could not only be installed within a short timeframe, but that could also be easily integrated with their existing access control system. Working closely with the access control provider and Security Solutions, IDL mounted card readers onto the turnstiles prior to the turnstiles arriving on site, enabling seamless integration and simple onsite installation.

“Easy onsite installation was key to this project, as the library is in use 24 hours a day,” adds Adrian. “Working with the contractor, we devised a programme of works which would allow our engineers to undertake the most disruptive works, drilling for example, during the early hours of the morning, when the library is at its quietest. The remaining installation works were carried out in a way which would still allow the library to function as normally as possible, providing access to students throughout the day.”

“This has been a very successful project,” comments Phil Allen, Regional Sales Manager UK & Ireland at Integrated Design Limited. “Prior to the turnstiles being installed, a book detection system was in use, but this was the only security measure in place so anyone could obtain access to the library. Now that Fastlane turnstiles have been installed, unauthorised access is prevented and, thanks to the access control integration, the management of the Library learning environment has improved as a whole.”

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