Why Cleaning Matters in Entrance Control

As COVID restrictions have eased, there has been a gradual return to a pre-pandemic life with people returning to offices, sports stadiums, schools and hospitality settings.

However, for many, reassurance that adequate safety measures have been put in place are likely to have played a key role in their decision to return. This will include an understanding of the enhanced cleaning and hygiene procedures that have been introduced within communal areas since the start of the pandemic.

Safety considerations should begin at places with a high footfall, and this very often will be entrance lobbies and reception areas. As COVID has intensified the need to reduce physical touchpoints, the cleaning of entrance security systems should be a key area of focus.

Ensuring turnstiles are kept clean not only provides a sense of reassurance to their users, but can also help to prolong their lifespan and maintain their performance. But, with a variety of materials and finishes in use on each turnstile, it is important to know how to clean them correctly and which cleaning products should be used.

Tony Smith, Major Accounts and Marketing Manager at IDL, comments: “While many security turnstiles are already contactless, with credentials being presented to the reader, it is inevitable that turnstiles will still be touched. With glass and stainless steel being popular finishes, any fingerprints on turnstiles will be obviously visible.

“COVID has meant that we are now very aware of how many surfaces we might come into contact with, and our expectations of how regularly these should be cleaned has definitely increased. All our turnstile products have effective cleaning instructions, which protect the surfaces from damage as well as ensure cleanliness. We encourage all our customers to refer to these as part of their enhanced cleaning protocols.”

Changing requirements have also meant an increase in requests for entrance control solutions that include touchless integrations, such as biometrics.

Alan Hardy, EMEA Sales Manager at IDL, explains: “We know that for many building managers, balancing security with ease of access for authorised users has always been a factor when selecting their entrance control system. However, over the past few years we’ve seen a push towards the use of touchless access credentials such as biometric technology and facial recognition software.

“Our in-house testing and manufacturing capability means that Fastlane products can easily integrate with a range of third-party software. This has proven to be beneficial especially for customers who now require an entrance system that meets a set of requirements that might not have been so crucial only 18 months ago.”

With challenges affecting all types of workplace, and adaptations to policies and protocols taking place, a tailored solution to entrance and access control should be considered to keep all building users safe.

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