Fastlane Integration Helps the University of Limerick with Capacity Management

Following a successful installation of Fastlane’s Glasswing turnstiles at the University of Limerick in 2014, recent requirements for increased Covid-19 protocols lead the University to require an improved way to track and monitor visitors to their Glucksman Library.

The seven turnstiles installed at the library already featured integrated card readers with toughened and diamond-treated protective glass, to prevent scratching, plus a Telepen colour display module.

However, with social distancing measures in place, the University required a system that could move beyond simple entrance control to one that could improve security, add an increased layer of efficiency for library staff and allow the University to continue to keep their students safe.

The library needed a system that would allow students to be able to book specific seats within the library, so that should there be a Covid-19 case, the University would be able to pinpoint exactly where the student had sat and notify other library users where necessary.

Fastlane products benefit from the capability to be integrated with all known security and building management systems and Telepen’s Juno StudyTime ™ software enabled the library team to offer an end-to-end booking system that was fully integrated with the turnstiles.

By using the StudyTime ™ system alongside Fastlane’s Glasswing turnstiles, the library has been able to gather statistics and report on how many people are coming in and out of the library, or not arriving for their dedicated time slot.

Commenting on the system, Louise O’Shea, Administration Librarian at the University of Limerick said, “It allows us to demonstrate how many seats we have available and whether we are at capacity. The system really has made a difference in adding another level of security, both to students and us as staff.”

Telepen’s Barney Yabbacome, Account Manager (Midlands and North UK, NI and Eire), said, ”The University wanted to offer an end-to-end booking system, which would allow students to reserve a specific space within the library online, and that would work with their existing Fastlane Glasswing turnstiles.

“We worked very closely with the systems team at the University to ensure the system would meet their requirements. It was all hands-on deck our side to ensure the project was delivered within a tight timeframe.”

Phil Allen, Regional Sales Manager UK & Ireland at Integrated Design Limited, added: “Following a successful installation of our Glasswing turnstiles at the library in 2014, it is great to see how the integration with Telepen’s Juno StudyTime software has been able to better serve the changing security and safety needs of the library and its users.

“We work closely with our partners to incorporate their equipment and hardware into the design of our units in order to offer entrance control systems which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also meet additional security requirements.  

“Adapting buildings to cope with the new safety requirements presented by the pandemic has been a challenge for many university campuses. Fortunately, our ongoing relationship with Telepen and the University of Limerick has shown how versatile our products are and how a seamless integration can add real value.”

The fast-acting, retracting glass wing barriers are suitable for a range of applications and form part of Fastlane Speedgates range.

The elegant elliptical stainless steel enclosure Glasswing model features a standard pedestal top with an underside white finish and proximity readers are accommodated under the glass top.

To find out more about the Fastlane range of products, or to arrange a Covid-safe demonstration at our showroom in West London, please contact our team by calling +44 (0)208 890 5550 or send us an email to