Customised turnstile

4 high impact lower cost ways to customise turnstiles to match your brand

Your organisation’s brand should extend to all customer and employee touchpoints – your website, social media channels, corporate brochures, even your office lobby.

With employees, suppliers and potential and existing customers starting to return to the office, from the first time they set foot in your reception area they will be picking up on the subtle cues as to what is important to your company. Ease of use, seamless access control integrations and quality are all a given with Fastlane products, so employees and visitors can be guaranteed a positive user experience when entering your building. That’s one major tick for your brand covered as standard. But, there are countless ways you can customise the look of your turnstiles to reflect your visual brand too, leaving your users in no doubt that they’ve entered your premises.

With the potential to change many of the design elements – including etching on the glass barriers, choices of top panels including stone, Corian or marble, and side panels with endless colour and finish options – there is no need to stick to the brushed steel and glass of our standard units if you are looking for something more unique.

Of course, given our team’s ability to make your ideals a reality, and the work required to make this possible, some of the more elaborate customisations could increase the price tag beyond the scope of your budget. But fear not, this doesn’t mean you can’t make your turnstiles your own with a tighter budget. If you are looking for something quirky, dramatic or exciting to suit a bold or creative area, but your project is more price sensitive, we’ve identified the four most cost effective routes to achieving this.

Specialist paint and treatment processes

One of the most visually striking ways to transform an access control turnstile is using paints and lacquers. It is quite surprising the different effects that can be achieved with professional paint finish, ranging from the subtle to the dynamic to reflect individual briefs.

We have used various paint finishes to add age to a unit by creating a patina, achieved a white minimalist look for Toei – a Japanese animation studio – and, most recently, created an impactful entrance for MedMen in California with eye-catching red units.

Get creative with Corian®

As well as painting our turnstiles, changing the pedestal tops is straightforward and can have a dramatic impact.

“Engrave it. Colour it. Thermoform it. DuPont™ Corian® solid surfaces can be whatever you imagine it can be…bold effects of colour and translucency – if you can dream it, you can create it with Corian®.”

So says the Dupont website! And, we’ve always found this to be the case when adding custom finishes to the tops of our turnstiles.

Add your company logo using frosted etched glass decals

Many of our clients ask about etching their logos onto the glass barriers, as a way of creating an attractive, contemporary appearance and reinforcing their brand. A more simple and cost-effective alternative to etched glass, giving the glass barrier the same look of white frost, is using etched window film. Whilst etching will give a more hardwearing finish, etched effect window film provides the appearance of acid-etched or frosted glass at a lower price point, and gives clients the flexibility to update the design quickly and cost-effectively at any point.

This effect was created for the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, featuring custom monograms screen-printed on the glass gates of their Glassgate 150s.

See your barriers through rose/grey/blue [insert colour] tinted glass

On our Glassgate 150s, another option for customising the glass barriers is to use tinted glass. On this particular model, using tinted glass doesn’t impact the beam paths, so it’s a simple way to create big impact. To complement the matt black finish of the pedestals, and achieve the slick look that the architects briefed us on, Sports Direct chose grey tinted dual swing barriers and grey tinted centre glass panels, both using toughened glass for strength and safety.

To find out about other creative customisation options, including integration of third-party access control systems, time and attendance, building management systems, lift destination and HVAC controls, click here.

If you have a brief that you think could be satisfied by a custom designed turnstile, get in touch with us at and we can work together to create the perfect look for your environment.