Fastlane Turnstiles installed at Glasgow Club Gorbals

Protecting revenue streams and providing equal access to all

The first Fastlane Glassgate 155s have been installed at Glasgow Club Gorbals.

Working with Alternative Systems Protection, one of our key partners, Fastlane turnstiles have been installed at Glasgow Club Gorbals to ensure revenue protection and provide equal access to all users, including those using sports wheelchairs.

The site in Glasgow is owned and operated by Glasgow Life, and has recently undergone a £1.5m refurbishment project, with improvement works carried out to all areas of the venue.

Part of the development works involved the installation of customised Fastlane Glassgate 155 turnstiles – the first installation of this new product – to ensure that only members and pay as you go visitors are admitted to the facilities, as well as providing access to the facility via the same entry point for all users, including wheelchair users and sports wheelchair users.

“At many leisure facilities, different entry points – often involving Passgates – are provided for those using standard and sports wheelchairs, which are less secure and potentially seen as discriminatory,” comments Derek Cardno, Business Development Manager at Alternative Systems Protection. “Our client was looking for a solution that would allow all users to access their leisure facility via the same entry point, as well as wanting a way to prevent people from gaining access without paying for activities.”

Phil Allen, Regional Sales Manager (UK & Eire) at Integrated Design Limited, said: “Developed with leisure facilities specifically in mind, the Glassgate 155 turnstile is the latest addition to the Fastlane Speedgates range, and was first installed at the Gorbals site at the beginning of 2018. Offering wider lane width options of up to 1200mm, the Glassgate 155 can accommodate sports wheelchairs, which are slightly wider than standard wheelchairs, meaning that all users can access the facilities via the same entry point. This also means that fire exit routes are now much simpler, as all users can exit via the same set of gates.”

Fastlane Turnstiles installed at Glasgow Club Gorbals

Starting with the standard Fastlane Glassgate 155 turnstile, and working closely with Alternative Systems Protection, IDL’s technical team created a bespoke top to allow for integration of Alternative Systems Protection’s wristband readers for members and barcode readers for pay as you go visitors. The turnstiles also connect with touchscreens and the Gladstone Leisure Management Software, allowing members to pre-book activities online before arriving at the centre, meaning they don’t have to go to reception to book-in and instead can go straight to the turnstile entry points to present their valid wristband to gain access.

As well as accommodating sports wheelchair users, the new turnstiles are also more user friendly for other visitors, including the many children who enjoy using the facilities. The dual pedestal height, automatic glass barriers are designed to open in a door-like motion, closing quickly and safely behind users, leading to fast user acceptance. With the turnstiles capable of intelligently controlling traffic flow, processing 60 authorised users per minute, and with the integrated wristband and barcode readers, users experience little or no dwell time when gaining entry, which is important for members who don’t wish to queue to gain admittance.

“Glasgow Life is a long-standing customer of ours, so when it came to selecting a turnstile provider, we needed to be confident in the reliability of the product and quality of build,” said Derek.

Fastlane Turnstiles installed at Glasgow Club GorbalsDerek continues: “We enjoy working with IDL for four key reasons. Firstly, we can trust them to deliver what they promise – attractive, high-quality turnstiles with superior service and technical support. Secondly, being a British manufacturer, all parts are easily and quickly sourced if there are any issues, which you don’t get if working with products from outside of the UK. The third reason is due to the intelligence of the Fastlane units. A lot of our clients like to know the exact footfall, especially when they open up the gates for an event, and Fastlane turnstiles have the capability of doing this. Finally, Fastlane turnstiles look great, so they really complement a leisure environment.”

To find out more about the Glassgate 155, or any other products in the Fastlane range, please contact our team by calling +44 (0)208 890 5550 or send us an email to

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