Glassgate 155s for Tollcross International Swimming Centre

Working with Alternative Systems Protection, one of our key installation partners, Fastlane Glassgate 155 turnstiles have been installed at the Tollcross International Swimming Centre to provide equal access to all users, including those using sports wheelchairs, and ensure that only members and pay-as-you-go visitors can gain access to the facilities.

The Tollcross site in Glasgow, which served as a key venue for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and houses two 50m Olympic-sized swimming pools, is owned and operated by Glasgow Life and has recently undergone major refurbishment works. With a value of more than £6m, the refurbishment has been carried out in preparation for the venue hosting the European Swimming Championships in August 2018, with improvements made to the customer areas such as the main swimming pool, sauna, steam room and reception area. This world-class facility is where professional athletes train to be the best, so they needed a quality entrance control system to match.

Part of the development works involved the installation of customised Fastlane Glassgate 155 turnstiles.

“When we discussed their requirements, it was clear that our client wanted an entrance control solution which would allow all users to access the facilities via the same entry point, as well as a system which would effectively prevent people from accessing the facilities without paying,” comments Derek Cardno, Business Development Manager at Alternative Systems Protection. “Separate Passgates are often used at leisure facilities to provide access for those using standard and sports wheelchairs; these can prove less secure and also feel discriminatory to the users, which is what our client wanted to avoid.”

Developed with leisure facilities specifically in mind, the Glassgate 155 turnstile is the latest addition to the Fastlane Speedgates range and the first units were first installed at Glasgow Club Gorbals. Offering wider lane width options of up to 1200mm, the Glassgate 155 can accommodate sports wheelchairs, which are slightly wider than standard wheelchairs, meaning that all users can access the facilities via the same entry point.

Phil Allen, Regional Sales Manager (UK & Eire) at Integrated Design Limited, said: “Working closely with Alternative Systems Protection, our technical team created a bespoke top to allow for integration of wristband readers for members and barcode readers for pay as you go visitors, so the entrance control solution delivers on both parts of the end client’s brief. The turnstiles also connect with touchscreens and the Gladstone Leisure Management Software, allowing members to pre-book activities online before arriving at the centres, giving a frictionless member experience.”

Derek adds: “For our client, as well as protecting revenue streams and providing equal access to all users, it was also important for them to be able to monitor the exact number of people passing through the facility, especially when they open up the gates for an event, such as the upcoming European Swimming Championships. Fastlane turnstiles have the capability of counting footfall, which provides this useful data for our clients. We really enjoy working with IDL because we know they will deliver what they promise, their products are capable of seamless integration with our access control systems and they look great in a leisure environment.”

To find out more about the Glassgate 155, or any other products in the Fastlane range, please contact our team by calling +44 (0)208 890 5550 or send us an email to

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