Fastlane Glassgate 400 entrance control security speedgate turnstile

Multi-site security with single point control

As part of their ongoing security improvement works, a major communications provider wanted to take steps to better secure some of their key office sites in the UK. Working with Tremorfa, one of our key partners and a leading installer of access control systems, two products from the Fastlane Speedgates range were selected and installed in a number of sites across the UK – the Glassgate 400 and the Glassgate 150.

A key factor in the end user’s decision making process was the prospect of being able to connect all the security barriers to their alarm response centre (ARC). Fastlane Connect, the ethernet connectability program from IDL, suited their requirements perfectly.  Fastlane Connect acts as a back-up system, as currently the gates can be controlled remotely by the Lenel access control system. Should this fail, however, the client will still have complete control over all entrances and exits to all their buildings.

The Glassgate 400 offers the highest level of physical deterrent available in the Fastlane range, with 1.8m of toughened safety glass doors acting as an imposing psychological barrier to intruders as well as physically preventing them from gaining unauthorised access. This entrance control system was designed with the latest optical technology, to provide optimum throughput of authorised users with the minimum intrusion in their daily life. It also features a locking brake, making the glass doors virtually impenetrable, even in the event of someone trying to gain unauthorised access by running at them or applying significant force to them.

Phil Allen, Regional Sales Manager UK & Eire at Integrated Design Limited, comments: “The Glassgate 400 has established itself as an important product within the security industry, reflecting the growing concerns about threat and the need to install highly visible security measures as a way of preventing unauthorised access.”

The other gate installed, the Glassgate 150, is one of the best-selling and most cost-effective products in the Fastlane Speedgate range and is designed to meet the security requirements whilst also elegantly complementing an office environment. Featuring state-of-the-art optical technology, the barriers close quickly and safely behind users, ensuring that only one person gains access from each pass authorisation and sounding an alarm if a response is required.

The number of units installed at each of the sites ranged from two up to eight, and each Speedgate seamlessly integrates with the client’s existing access control system, Lenel. The new system allows them to control access to their sites, keeping track of exactly who is onsite at any given moment, and provides both a psychological deterrent and physical barrier to prevent intruders.

“The client wanted to ensure they had a robust access control system, to best protect their employees from a member of the public walking in off the street and gaining unauthorised access to their buildings,” comments Chris Hillman, National Accounts Contracts Manager at Tremorfa. “We worked closely with IDL to provide the end client with a suitable solution, which features both the Fastlane Glassgate 400 and Glassgate 150. We found IDL great to work with – flexible and accommodating to each site’s individual needs, nothing is too much trouble. Fastlane products combine functionality and visual appeal which our clients love. But for us, one of the main benefits of working with them is that all of their production is in the UK, so if there are parts needed at short notice they have an incredibly quick turnaround time.”

Phil Allen continues: “The first site we worked on was one of the flagship offices located in West London. This building houses many of the senior Directors, so we worked closely with Tremorfa to ensure that the new Speedgates integrated seamlessly with the existing access control system. We’ve been really pleased to receive positive feedback from the end user, who is incredibly happy that the new system is doing exactly as required – providing peace of mind and heightened security for staff, whilst still looking the part.”