Fastlane turnstiles installed in Toei Animation HQ Japan

Respect and reliability: Our partner in Japan explains why Fastlane is a popular choice

Data centres and 24-hour gyms, office lobbies and animation studios; these are just a few of the environments which Fastlane and Door Detective entrance control products secure in Japan. Since April 2003, Integrated Design Limited (IDL) has worked successfully with Yonei & Co – our exclusive partner in Japan – with Yonei’s dedication to providing first-class customer service combined with our products’ aesthetic appeal and reliability creating an ideal partnership. We spoke to Yumika Mitomo, Salesperson of Visual & Control System Department at Yonei & Co, to discuss what makes our partnership so successful in this exciting market.

What about our respective company’s cultures do you think has contributed to such a long-standing relationship?

For us and our customers, it’s important that we work with a turnstile manufacturer who really understands and respects the unique requirements of the Japanese market. IDL have always taken the time to appreciate the security needs of our customers, especially when a project requires customisation, ensuring that the most suitable solution is recommended for each project. IDL are also happy to undertake testing on our behalf, guaranteeing that systems are operating optimally before shipping. It also helps that the people behind IDL are good to do business with.

Which products are particularly suited to the Japanese market?

The Door Detective CL – IDL’s original Door Detective model – has always been well received by our customers. This is due to the product’s ability to detect tailgating in a simple way, using infrared beams. There is nothing else like this product available in the Japanese market.

Which of the newer products have been well received?

Providing POE power supply options, and available as DC24V rather than DC12V, the Door Detective Plus – the highest spec model in this range – is viewed very favourably by our customers. As with other models in the Door Detective range, the Door Detective Plus enforces the correct use of an access-controlled door, detecting tailgating and imposing the ‘one card, one person’ rule, raising the alarm should the access rules be broken. It’s a popular choice in environments such as unmanned 24-hour gyms and high security data centres due to its ability to simply manage and monitor authorised access, its straightforward use and therefore quick user acceptance, and the ease of installation.

What’s the most common type of feedback you receive about IDL products?

The first thing our customers notice about Fastlane products is the elegant design. In 2013, the Glassgate 300 won Japan’s Good Design Award thanks to its sleek styling, and this aesthetic is something which applies across the entire range.

Beneath the beautiful exterior, however, IDL’s products have a reputation for reliability. Our customers don’t need to worry about maintenance downtime or replacing faulty units, as it’s incredibly rare for one of IDL’s products to experience issues. Our customers using the Fastlane Plus range, in particular, comment on how robust the units are, making these barrier arm turnstiles a great value entrance security option.

What qualities do you refer to when you are recommending Fastlane turnstiles to customers?

In addition to the aesthetically pleasing design and proven reliability, we highlight the use of toughened safety glass barriers, which are far smoother in their movement – adding to the product’s elegance and quick user acceptance – compared to other Japanese manufacturers, who tend to use acrylic barriers.

Also, due to the wide range of products available and IDL’s ability to design bespoke features, there is a Fastlane unit to suit any given environment, even if our customer is limited on floorspace.

Are there any products which have been created specifically for the Japanese market?

Fastlane Glassgate 300In response to demand from our customers for a ‘light’ looking, yet higher security turnstile, IDL created the Glassgate 300. Available with glass barriers in four different heights and now featuring an optional locking brake, the Glassgate 300 provides a clear physical and psychological deterrent for unauthorised users, yet still maintains streamlined styling, which is vital to satisfy the design needs of our customers.

We receive many requests for bespoke units, with our customers requiring integrated card and barcode readers or extended pedestal ends, for example. IDL have supplied many customised Fastlane units over the years, and this bespoke capability is another key reason why our partnership with IDL has gone from strength to strength.

Are there any trends in the Japanese market that could impact future product design?

We’ve seen a rise in requests for turnstile software which can provide data on the usage of units and intelligence on where breaches arise. Fastlane Connect, IDL’s web-based interface, gives our customers full and seamless control over their entrance security and flow rates, so we expect the uptake of this software to increase.