The process of selecting and installing security turnstiles

Where do I begin?

It’s a question we frequently get asked by architects, security managers and facilities managers when they’re specifying entrance control.

There are a wide range of factors which can dictate which solution will suit your entrance the best. However, in our experience, there is nearly always an installation deadline to be met, so we find this is the best place to start.

Begin with your installation deadline in mind

Working backwards from your deadline, we can advise you on the most suitable solutions to meet both your security and design requirements, as well as your project’s timescales.

Shorter timescales may mean that your options for bespoke alterations and integrations may be limited, but this does not mean that you need to compromise on quality or aesthetics, as we have a range of standard products which complement any environment.

We believe in supplying products that perfectly meet the needs of our customers and are fit for their intended purpose. For this reason, all of our products are made to order in-house at our manufacturing facility in West London. However, we keep some of our most popular models, such as the Glassgate 150, in stock. This means that in certain circumstances, where a customer is ordering a model that we have in stock and no customisations are required, we can deliver a product with as little as four weeks’ lead time, or even less depending on the quantity of units required.

If you do require bespoke customisations or third-party product integrations, you will need to allow a longer lead time.

Understand what you’re working with

Once we have established the timescale you are working to, the next stage – particularly for more complex projects – is to complete an in-depth site survey. During the survey we will visit the site, free of charge, and explore exactly what is needed to deliver the most suitable solution, including integrations, customisations and potential installation challenges.

It is important to complete these stages first, as it gives us all the information upfront and allows us to avoid both unexpected extended timescales and any confusion when it comes to integrations, customisations or installation techniques.

Five key considerations when selecting your turnstiles

Next up is selecting your turnstile. This may sound simple, but there are so many factors that will dictate which solution will work best for your needs, it can be a challenge to know where to start.

Thankfully, our team is well versed in guiding customers through this selection process and can walk you through the five key considerations, outlined below…

Have an accurate view of the size of the area and number of people using the turnstiles

It is important to think about the number of people entering and exiting your building, considering how this could vary at peak times. Another thing to consider is the size of the entranceway. Typically, the larger the entrance area, the more turnstiles will be required. However, you also need to consider where the people are moving to beyond the turnstiles.

Don’t dismiss an option based on the price tag alone – consider the total cost of ownership

When looking at the cost of your entrance control solution, you should take more than just the purchase price into account. Other things which should be considered include energy efficiency, maintenance requirements, reliability and warranty to name a few. All of these costs should be added to the purchase price to give you the total cost of ownership and a holistic view of the better value purchase.

You can achieve high security without users feeling like they’re entering a prison, but do you need high security?

What are you protecting – your building, people, assets, data or a combination of all? Understand the value of what you’re protecting and the risks associated with an intruder gaining access, then determine the security level. Do you need to physically deter unauthorised access attempts, or just monitor the flow of people into/out of your building?

Aesthetics and customisation

There are a number of ways in which you can customise the final look of your turnstiles. This allows for the system to perfectly complement the environment in which it is installed and reflect your organisation’s brand. Another aspect to take into account is the flooring around the turnstile installation site. Features such as underfloor heating, a raised or marble floor can affect the installation method and therefore the final look.


As well as preventing unauthorised access, security turnstiles can perform a variety of other functions, connecting existing disparate systems and delivering time and space efficiencies through product integrations. Do you require a lift destination control to alert users to the lift they should use, or perhaps you wish to connect CCTV or other building management systems?


Once all of these factors are taken into account, along with the available timescale and site survey information, our team will be able to narrow down the options and provide you with a quotation and timescale for installation that will suit your specific needs and specifications.

Installing your turnstiles

When it comes to installation of your turnstiles, the time this will take is calculated based largely upon the quantity of lanes and the geographical location of the site. If there are old units which need to be removed, this could also increase the time required for installation by up to a day.

The time of day when the installation needs to take place should also be taken into consideration, as timescales can be affected if our installation team can only work outside of normal working hours or if we need to fit in with other contractors’ schedules.

installing a turnstile

Training and technical support

Although we don’t generally carry out installations ourselves, as we work with some excellent installation partners, we do train all of these partners at our manufacturing facility and showroom in West London, as well as offering a commissioning service following installation.

As part of the commissioning service, once the turnstiles are installed we will visit the site to carry out the first power-up, make sure that the handover is smooth and ensure the solution is working as expected. We will also carry out training for the end-users on site.

It’s all part of ensuring we deliver the best products and match this with excellent customer service.

If you need further support or information, our team and our installation partners are experts at helping you to select the right product for the environment, so please get in touch.


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