New Year, new optical technology and integrations to be showcased at Intersec 2022

Fastlane turnstiles, manufactured by Integrated Design Limited (IDL), have always proven popular in the Middle East due to the elegant design and reliability of the entrance control solutions. But, they don’t just appeal to the region’s desire for elegance.

Behind the beautiful exterior, the intelligent technology facilitates seamless third-party integrations and prevents entrance violations like no other. And, at Intersec in January, IDL will unveil new optical technology which adds additional features to their already sophisticated range of entrance control solutions.

Preventing ‘climb-overs’ and ‘sidegating’

Visitors to the Fastlane turnstiles stand, S3-E10, will have the opportunity to experience – for the first time – IDL’s new state of the art, anti-climb detection. Also on stand, the wider Glassgate 155 and Glassgate 400 Plus lanes featuring sidegating technology will demonstrate how they detect two people attempting unauthorised side-by-side dual entry.

Familiar favourites make a return, with leading touchless integrations

Two familiar favourites – the Door Detective Plus and the Glassgate 150 – will also feature on stand. With ethernet connectivity and POE options, Door Detective Plus reinforces access control systems by monitoring the throughput of open, access-controlled doorways, corridors, and passageways. It ensures that the ‘one person one door access’ rule is met, overcoming the age-old problem of controlling how many people pass through an access-controlled internal doorway, and in which direction. This latest Door Detective Plus now also features IDL’s Sidegating technology.

Integrated with the VisionPass facial recognition system by IDEMIA – an access control device that uses an advanced optical unit composed of three cameras (2D, 3D, and infrared) and IDEMIA’s leading facial recognition algorithm – this powerful combination allows a seamless, touch-free entrance control experience.

The Glassgate 150 will also be beautifully integrated with an IDEMIA product – the MorphoWave compact. Whereas traditionally a user would present a card to a turnstile mounted card reader, when integrated with the Fastlane Glassgate 150 the MorphoWave™ Compact – with its touchless 3D fingerprint technology – allows authorised users to gain access with a simple wave of the hand.

Tony Smith, Major Accounts and Marketing Manager at IDL says: “We are pleased to be returning once again to Intersec, one of the major global security shows. This event provides a great opportunity for us to re-engage with our customers in the region and to showcase some of our new products, integrations, and security features too.

“Our touchless integrations have been well received by users in the Middle East due to improved hygiene, as no physical contact is required to gain authorised access through the turnstiles.”

If you’re planning to visit Intersec, the IDL team will be available to discuss your pedestrian entrance control requirements and the latest industry trends on stand S3-E10.

If you’re not able to come to the show but would like to find out more about the Fastlane range, please get in touch on +44 (0)20 8890 5550 or email