Product Profile: Fastlane Clearstyle

Choosing the right entrance control product to meet your security need is essential, as is balancing that need for security with the desire for a welcoming and visually attractive foyer. If you’re just looking to monitor passage in and out of a building, an Optical turnstile offers a barrier-free solution for building environments which require a discrete security measure with an open feel, for example a reception area or office lobby.

Unlike the Fastlane Speedgate, Entrance Gate and Fastlane Plus ranges, our Clearstyle units don’t feature a physical barrier arm or a glass gate. Instead, this unobtrusive entrance control uses only the latest in infrared technology and algorithms to monitor the passage of pedestrians, whilst discriminating for smaller objects like umbrellas and bags. The infrared beams create an invisible electronic field between the two pedestals, monitoring the movement of every individual entering and leaving a facility and remotely signalling an alarm in the event of an unauthorised passage.

Fastlane Optical products maintain a similar level of security as a half-height turnstile and are designed to alert security staff to unauthorised entry attempts, detect tailgating, collusion, non-entry and obstruction, as well as control other security measures such as CCTV systems, lighting and locking doors.

The Clearstyle Optical turnstile is available in two styles – the Clearstyle 200 and the Clearstyle 400 – both providing the same level of security with a minimalist, modern appearance. However, rather than the pedestal mounted card reader on the Clearstyle 200, the access control device is mounted behind or on the window of the Clearstyle 400.

Fastlane Clearstyle 200 entrance control security optical turnstile
Clearstyle 200
Fastlane Clearstyle 400 optical entrance control security turnstile
Clearstyle 400







The enclosure for the Clearstyle 400 comprises clear acrylic side panels and stainless steel end panels, which can be provided in a variety of coloured stainless steel and other finishes as required, with an integral clear frosted reader window. The pedestal upper surfaces are finished with Black Quartz Corian. The Clearstyle 200 enclosure also comprises clear (silica) acrylic side panels (Plexiglass) and round end panels using stainless steel with a brushed finish, with the end panels upper surface finished with Black Quartz Corian to facilitate concealed or surface mounted card readers. Other enclosure and pedestal top options are also available, allowing the units to be easily customised to match the exact aesthetic needs of any given environment, to ensure the turnstiles fit seamlessly in their surroundings.

Both models may be installed for a standard width of 660mm (although various lane widths may be implemented) up to 914mm to provide disabled access compliant to the DDA and ADA regulations.

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