Customer demonstration appointments and training available

When looking for an entrance control solution, being able to see a product working and in person can help with the decision-making process.

If you would like to make an appointment to come with a customer or colleague to experience our range of entrance control products first-hand, we have a fully functioning showroom in Feltham at our West London headquarters.

The showroom features our market-leading Fastlane turnstiles range, alongside our Door Detective products. You will experience their ease of use and we will provide an insight into the powerful technology behind the beautiful exterior that makes our products so reliable at detecting unauthorised entry attempts.

We will walk you through a working demonstration of Fastlane Connect, showing you how simple it can be to remotely monitor multiple lanes and get immediate access to data on traffic flow and alerts raised.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into making a Fastlane turnstile, you’ll also get the opportunity to see our manufacturing process in progress, and talk to our design and technical teams about any bespoke requirements you might require.

Customer demonstration and trainingIf you decide that IDL offer the entrance control solution you’re seeking, then rest assured that the support you receive from us doesn’t stop at the point of purchase.

With each customer having a unique set of needs, no two system designs are the same. If there are ever any gaps in your knowledge when working on a project, the IDL team can assist with free technical training at our facility upon placement of an order, site visits, specification support and advice on compatibility with other technologies and drawings, removing any guesswork and ensuring that the resulting system design is practical and reliable.

A full set of installation and maintenance manuals are available, and on-site training and commissioning services are provided for a fee. Alternatively, in-warranty telephone and email support is available across all of our products, so one of the people responsible for designing and building these products is always available to answer any questions you might have.

The training options, expert advice and support we provide is something we’re very proud of, and it’s certainly appreciated by our customers, and specifier and installation partners.

Mike Cowburn, Operations Manager at Security Solutions, commented:

“We send our engineers to the IDL facility in West London to receive technical training on their wide range of products, covering an overview of the products’ capabilities, how to install and set them up on-site, as well as how to provide ongoing upkeep and maintenance services. The knowledge gained during these sessions is invaluable and ensures that we stay at the top of our game and, being able to offer technical assistance on the very rare occasion that an issue arises, is a great value-added service for us.”

At IDL, we are serious about offering extra value to our customers, installers, integrators and specifier partners, which is why we have so many training options available. We look forward to having the opportunity to give you first-hand experience of our market-leading range soon.

To make an appointment to visit our facility in Feltham, please contact us on or +44 (0)208 890 5550.

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