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Turnstiles in the UK and beyond – British quality for a global market

From a design house working with UK clients, to a leading provider of turnstiles across six continents, IDL has built a strong reputation for exporting entrance control products which bear the unmistakable hallmarks of British quality.

With 30 plus years of trading, Fastlane and Door Detective products have been chosen to secure some of the world’s most iconic buildings, including several towers which comprise the new World Trade Center Complex in New York, the UNESCO headquarters in Paris and the Aldar HQ in Abu Dhabi.

Turnstiles designed and built in the UK

Supplying security products, there is no place for uncertainty or unreliability. Our customers need the products to work perfectly from day one, and for them to continue to function reliably throughout their lifetime. Key to ensuring this is retaining our own manufacturing facility on-site.

From our headquarters and manufacturing facility in West London, we design and build all Fastlane and Door Detective products to order for each project, wherever in the world they are heading. This means that there is a very close connection between design, sales and manufacturing which results in a superior product for our clients. Even the smallest components we use are made on-site or sourced from as close as possible, allowing us the maximum control over the quality of the products we manufacture. This quality is something which is recognised the world over.

Fastlane turnstiles manufacturing


Securing entrances globally

Operating across Europe from our base in London, through our network of trusted partners and local in-market representatives we also have a strong presence in other key markets, with our products now present in 68 countries, and counting.

Our exclusive partner in North America is Smarter Security, in China we work with Yolon Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd, in Japan Yonei & Co. Ltd and in Singapore we partner with IDL-APAC. We’re also pleased to have local representatives in Dubai, and soon to be in North Africa too.

One of our longest standing partnerships is with Smarter Security. Jeff Brown, CEO of Smarter Security, comments:

“North America is an extremely competitive market, with numerous low-priced American manufacturers trying to compete with the large European brands. Fastlane is a premium brand and with that comes certain assurances for customers – high quality build, proven reliability, stylish design – to name a few. The quality of the IDL products speak for themselves, and the whole team at Smarter Security is committed to matching this quality with exceptional sales support, marketing and customer service, ensuring that our joint offering continues to be the go-to choice for prestigious projects in North America.”

Whilst quality is always a major factor in a customer’s choice, whether this outweighs price can vary significantly from territory to territory.  In some markets, for example the Middle East, price often comes further down the list of priorities than aesthetics, ease of use and return on investment as the contractor sees the benefits of discerning choice when it comes to lower lifetime cost of ownership.  This is especially true if a customer has previously experienced inferior products failing in a short time and has had to replace them with Fastlane products.

In Eastern Europe, however, we see that the budget available for the initial outlay is often tighter, forcing purchasers to have to consider lower price point options which can sometimes lead them to make compromises in supplier choice.

It is important to us that our products are created with the best design and use the best materials to enable them to continue to perform to our customers’ exacting standards. But, with products at a range of price points, IDL is able to offer an effective entrance control system to meet most budgets, whether that be for an office building, hospital, university or airport. We continue to work hard to ensure that customers in all markets are fully aware of all the cost implications so they can weigh up the initial, versus whole life costs, whilst considering the impact of elements such as the product’s functionality, the opportunities to remotely update software and support the products along with the robustness of integral technology.

To make it simple for our global customers to specify the most suitable Fastlane products, sixteen of our most popular entrance control turnstiles can be accessed via BIMobject. Here, architects, designers and specifiers can download complete and detailed 3D BIM objects for to use directly in their renders, specifications and calculations.

Fastlane turnstiles on BIMobject computer screen

Meeting global standards

As well as our partners around the globe supporting customers with specification, installation and maintenance, our relationships with these local experts allow us to keep up with each market’s requirements and ensure we provide products to suit changing demands. We’re also able to understand and abide by foreign regulations and standards, and better relate to different business cultures.

In a recent interview with Francis Ong, our partner from IDL-APAC in Singapore, he described the relationship with IDL as being

“built on a base of mutual trust and understanding of each other’s requirements.”

He went on to say that:

“Customers can also be secure in their decision to use Fastlane turnstiles, as they are designed and manufactured for a global market and as such adherence to international standards which is a critical element of the development process. IDL created a quality management system that was first accredited to ISO 9001 over 18 years ago and continues to be approved to each successive revision of the standard.”

IDL has taken steps to ensure compliance with all local standards, for example compliance with CE in Europe and UL certification in America.

How IDL provides excellent products and service for our customers across the globe through partnerships

  • Dependable British quality and standards compliance
  • Unrivalled technological capability coupled with pleasing aesthetics
  • Investment in understanding the different territories and their individual priorities
  • Working with only the best partners, to ensure their service delivery meets the same high standards as our products
  • Wide range of existing entrance control products across the spectrum of price points and dynamic product development to meet ever-changing security requirements
  • Bespoke capability to meet customers’ exacting requirements
  • Remote access to entrance control software to ensure ease of secure system access and maintenance for clients with multiple sites


For more information about the Fastlane and Door Detective range of products and applications, or to arrange a private product demonstration at our showroom in Feltham, West London, please get in touch with our team on +44 (0)20 8890 5550 or email


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