Fastlane Glasswing entrance control security turnstile

Range Profile: Fastlane Speedgates

A sleek and stylish choice, Fastlane Speedgates can be found securing visitor receptions, lift lobbies and VIP areas in notable buildings around the world, including the iconic Al Dar HQ in Abu Dhabi, the new World Trade Towers in NYC and Harrods in London, to name a few.

As simple and intuitive to use as they are pleasing to the eye, Fastlane Speedgates allow a flexible approach for when you need to combine security requirements with great design, and come in a plethora of choices to complement your environment. Behind the beautiful exterior, the infrared matrix that drives the decision to authorise entry makes thousands of calculations per second based on speed of passage, luggage being carried or pulled, tailgating, unauthorised passages and much more. It is this intelligent technology that ensures only one person gains access for each authorised card presented, minimises false alarms, improves compliance, strengthens your building’s security and allows high pedestrian throughput, with the capability to process up to 60 authorised people per minute.

Fastlane Speedgates Range Infographics


The Glassgate 150 is one of our bestselling and the most cost-effective turnstile in the Speedgates range. The dual pedestal height glass barriers intelligently control traffic flow while maximising throughput in an elegant, light and compact footprint. With unsurpassed accuracy, the barriers are designed to close quickly and safely behind users to deter tailgaters. Standard casings are in a brushed stainless steel finish, with options for other materials on request, and the tops feature Black Quartz Corian inserts to facilitate concealed or surface mounted card readers.



In response to changing regulations – and to meet demand for wider lanes for both pedestrian and wheelchair users’ comfort – we developed the Glassgate 155, the first Fastlane to be available in two extended lane width options, 1100mm and 1200mm. The latest addition to the Fastlane Speedgates range enables Fastlane customers to install wider lanes than the standard 660mm and 914mm DDA and ADA compliant lanes.  The wider lane widths make this unit ideal for use in leisure facilities which need to accommodate sports wheelchairs, which are slightly wider than standard wheelchairs.


Also popular in leisure environments, such as gym entrances, the elegant elliptical stainless steel enclosure design of the Glasswing model is a great choice for applications requiring a medium level of security. In comparison to the other turnstiles in the Speedgate range, the fast acting, normally closed, glass wing barriers retract inside the pedestal after a valid card has been presented to allow authorised access.



The original and still one of the most popular turnstiles in the Speedgates range, the Glassgate 200 has a slim pedestal so is ideal for environments where the footprint is limited but security provisions are required, such as a separate staff entrance in hospital or office buildings. The bi-directional single swinging glass barrier has been designed to offer users the familiarity of the ‘door-like’ action, opening away from the authorised pedestrian and closing behind them to deter tailgaters. The Glassgate 200 also now includes the option of a full locking brake with tall glass, preventing pedestrians from trying to gain unauthorised access by pushing through the closed barriers and deterring people from climbing over.


The bi-directional dual glass barriers of the Glassgate 250 are designed to work in a normally closed mode and open after a valid card or other visitor credentials have been presented, allowing the authorised user to pass. The glass barriers intuitively move away from the authorised person and close quickly behind the authorised person to deter tailgaters. In the event of other authorised users trying to use the lane the barriers will stay open, even if they are walking in the opposite direction. As with the Glassgate 200, the familiarity of the ‘door-like’ action of the barrier gives users confidence in operating the system, ensuring quick user acceptance.


Winner of the 2013 Good Design Award, the Glassgate 300 is a versatile, dual swing barrier, featuring a modern stainless steel enclosure utilising glass panels for an open feel. This model has an exceptionally compact footprint and offers a range of barrier height and brake options, making it suitable for low to high security applications, including border control. Additional features of this top-selling product include standard casings in a brushed stainless steel finish, with options for other materials on request, and Black Quartz Corian inserts on the tops to facilitate concealed or surface mounted access control card readers.


Providing the highest level of physical deterrent available in the Fastlane pedestrian entrance control range, the Glassgate 400 has established itself as an important product within the industry, reflecting the growing concerns about threat and the evolution in installing highly visible and more prominent security as an important way of preventing unauthorised access. Featuring 1.8m of laminated and toughened safety glass barriers and an optional locking brake, the Glassgate 400 acts as an imposing psychological barrier to intruders, as well as physically preventing them from gaining unauthorised access.


All of the products in our Fastlane Speedgates range are highly customisable, allowing us to accommodate your architectural and design specifications whilst still maintaining the level of security you require. Bespoke alterations are available in terms of pedestal shape, material finishes and reader integration, to suit any indoor environment.