Fastlane Door Detective Plus door entry system entrance control security

Product Profile: Door Detective Plus

Fastlane Door Detective Plus operates seamlessly with both pedestrian access control and building management systems to provide a superior level of security and detection. The product is now in its third generation, using IDL’s patented design.

Featuring Ethernet connectivity and POE options, Door Detective Plus reinforces access control systems by monitoring the throughput of open, access-controlled doorways, corridors and passageways. It ensures that the ‘one person one door access’ rule is met, overcoming the age-old problem of controlling how many people pass through an access-controlled doorway, and in which direction.

Using multiple infrared beams from enclosures mounted near the door frames, Door Detective Plus accurately monitors movement in both directions each time a person presents electronic credentials to pass through the doorway. Alarms identify violations to alert staff and our Fastlane technology minimises false alarms so you can be confident that only authorised visits are being made.

Easy to use, this additional level of security and detection helps to prevent both unauthorised entrants and tailgating. It makes Door Detective an ideal and secure solution for any building facility, including:

  • Data Centres or where sensitive data storage requires effective security
  • Laboratories
  • Executive floors or VIP facilities
  • Offices
  • Gyms and leisure centres


What makes the Door Detective Plus really clever is that it not only works seamlessly with access control systems, but it can also be integrated into building management and CCTV systems, making use of the entry and exit counts and alarm events. The alarm events may be used to trigger recording using CCTV and the count data may be acquired for population data gathering.

Integrated with your access control and building management systems, Door Detective Plus can help you to:

  • Monitor time, attendance and volume of staff
  • Manage visitor activity
  • Enable changes to staff profiles and work schedules
  • Turn off heating and lighting when vacant
  • Enhance fire control, intruder and CCTV systems


Door Detective Plus is Ethernet-compatible, which means that the unit can be controlled and monitored over a network using the latest access control systems, in addition the Door Detective webpages may be used for remote monitoring and control and data gathering on the use of the portal.

Matching intelligent security with great design, the Door Detective range is available in a range of finishes to complement any type of décor, so it won’t intrude on the building environment.

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