Meet the Installer – Jacques Lombard, Managing Director at Syntinex

Established in 2011, Syntinex specialise in the installation of electronic security systems. Working alongside major system manufacturers and strategic technology partners, Syntinex provide a range of services including the installation of fire alarms, structured cabling, networks, and audio-visual systems as well as electronic & physical security systems

We spoke to Jacques to learn more about the company, their relationship with IDL, and his take on the current trends impacting the entrance security market.

How long have you been installing Fastlane products?

We have been working with IDL for many years now, however, there has been a considerable increase in demand for Fastlane products in the last couple of years which has resulted in us working more closely with them recently.

The various restrictions and safety concerns resulting from the pandemic meant we saw a significant increase in customers using entrance control as a means to better control the flow of people through buildings. This led to an uptake in the requests we received to install Fastlane turnstiles and speedgates alongside integrated systems including access control.

What are the main entrance control requirements your customers are looking for?

Primarily, it’s about improving security, yet not impacting the customer experience or flow through the building. Fastlane turnstiles are a great means of controlling access and preventing unauthorised persons entering a building whilst still minimising the impact of physical security.

What questions are commonly asked by customers as part of the security specification process?

We often get asked about system integration and how the systems can work together seamlessly with other manufacturers’ equipment or software.  We are frequently approached by customers who have an access control or building management system in place, and we will discuss with them how integration with an entrance control system could then provide valuable data and intelligence about how their asset is being used by its occupants.

Are there any projects you can share where Fastlane turnstiles were selected as the ideal solution? And why?

We specified Fastlane turnstiles as part of a refurbishment project within the Farnborough Aerospace Centre.

Seven Fastlane Glassgate 150 turnstiles were installed in the entrance lobby to ensure that only authorised individuals were granted access to the lifts and offices beyond the reception. Five of the swing-action, bi-directional dual glass barriers were provided at a standard lane width of 660mm, with two lanes at a wider width of 914mm to allow disabled access compliant with DDA regulations. Read more about this project here.

What technology or trends do you anticipate will have the greatest impact within the entrance control sector over the coming years?

Although biometrics and analytics have been around for a period of time now, I believe this will play an increasing role moving forward as the technology is refined and improved.

Artificial Intelligence will play a larger role in the future too as advancing technology is integrated into various systems, not just across the security market. This will allow for further integration combining multiple systems so that they all work in unison.

While there are already integrated systems in the security industry that function together with the use of a third-party management system, I believe this will become easier as the systems become more advanced with self-learning capabilities.

Why do you enjoy working with Fastlane?

We have a great working relationship with the team at Fastlane.

Their products are manufactured to the highest standard and they are UK based which works well for us as a company. This gives us direct contact with the team without the need to work via a distribution chain. The training and support provided by the team is invaluable. Working closely together with Fastlane and with their support, I believe we’ve proven ourselves as a valuable installation partner.

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