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Student Life in the Fastlane: Security for Schools

From schools to universities, academic institutions across the world are increasingly choosing turnstiles to bolster security and provide valuable data on facility use.

Fastlane entrance control solutions foster entry management that sustains a welcoming atmosphere – allowing free movement of authorised individuals – whilst ensuring a high degree of security, keeping those who aren’t permitted out.

Students, staff and visitors need not feel as if they are walking into a maximum-security jail upon arrival at an institution’s campus, however. As people enter a teaching facility, be it as a student, teacher or guest, their focus should remain on the business of the day, not the process of obtaining entry.

So how can this be achieved?

Safety round the clock

College grounds are usually busy, with students revising in the library until late in the evening or checking in to their residences after a night on the town.

With students on flexible agendas, an entrance management system must ensure access at any time of the day whilst maintaining a secure campus environment. Security officials must be assured that the system won’t falter if there is little on-site staff.

With a robust and reliable system in place, everyone using a facility can rest assured that no one they meet is there who shouldn’t be. This peace of mind has been hugely welcomed by students, mainly since students and their accommodation can often be targeted by thieves.

Students using a library alone late at night can also be confident that no one who doesn’t belong there can enter, which is great for their personal safety and mental well-being.

Weapons detection integration

Preventing unauthorised individuals from entering restricted areas isn’t the only concern for educational institutions. In 2019, UK knife crime peaked at a decade high; sadly, many casualties were under 18 years of age. In 2020, 45,632 juveniles aged 10 to 17 were prosecuted in England and Wales for having a blade or otherwise offensive weapon. Over a thousand such weapons were recovered on school grounds.

Until the vastly complex and far-reaching societal roots of violent crime can be upturned through education and prosecution, our country’s schools need a security system that keeps unauthorised individuals off campus and weapons out.

Fastlane turnstiles can be integrated with a weapons detection arch, acting as both a visual deterrent and a physical barrier to anyone carrying a weapon.  Our systems are built to operate in ‘airport mode’, ensuring a similar standard to the security experienced walking through an airport checkpoint.

School’s out for summer, security’s in

Security is undeniably a top priority in educational institutions and changing threats need to be taken into account. But, it can be difficult to upgrade security systems during term time, with staff and students onsite.

Summer is the best time to install security turnstiles in schools because this is when academia takes the most extended break. Fastlane is dedicated to the quick and proper installation of high-quality turnstiles that can be fitted whilst students are enjoying the summer holidays.

When pupils return, they find an entry system that affords them a sanctuary of study.

Protecting people and assets is, of course, the primary purpose of an entrance control system. However, there are many more advantages to consider with Fastlane’s turnstile units.

Information provides additional benefits

Turnstiles allow the capture of helpful information so that facilities such as libraries can make better, more informed decisions in the future. For example, a library can analyse data to ascertain precisely when the busiest hours are and then make provisions to have more staff on hand.

Such a facility might also want to curb energy use when it’s clear it isn’t being used very much at all, thereby cutting its carbon footprint rather than leaving all the lights on as a routine.

Fastlane protects university library

Fastlane installed new security turnstiles at the University of Sunderland, where libraries are used around the clock. The university called for a turnstile system that would be implemented swiftly whilst not disturbing access to student facilities.

With security in view, the turnstiles deter intrusion and create an inner cordon to provide a secure workplace for employees, students and guests.

Fastlane fitted the Glassgate 150 system, which provides state-of-the-art entry protection. The Glassgate 150 offers a cost-effective method to stop the most prevalent entry violations, such as tailgating and attempted trespassing.

As with all designs in the Fastlane series, the Glassgate 150 ensures that only one individual is allowed entry for each pass shown. This intelligent turnstile solution accurately identifies tailgating within 5mm, avoiding false alarms.

The students at the University of Sunderland have positively embraced the newly installed turnstiles, particularly at the city campus, where the library is open 24/7. Before Fastlane installed these turnstiles, there was no way to prevent unauthorised library access.

A bespoke security solution

There are various factors to consider when safeguarding an educational facility, be it a school, college or university. Each institution will have its specific requirements.

Fastlane knows that you, too, will have your demands for a bespoke security entry system. Our turnstiles are trusted across Europe and America for their quality of build and integration potential.

For further details, our specialist in-house staff are happy to speak about the security issues you face. To find out more, telephone +44 (0)20 8890 5550 or email