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Securing Corporate Environments:
Key Considerations

securing corporate environments ebook front coverWhen it comes to securing your building – whether that’s a data centre or IT suite, a gym, healthcare facility or corporate office – you can never be too careful. Any weakness in your security will make your building, its occupants and contents vulnerable.


Entrance control, especially when integrated with other security technologies, can go a long way towards intruder-proofing your building. But, it’s not a case of one size fits all, as different corporate environments have unique security and aesthetic requirements.

Drawing on our 30 years’ plus experience and, having installed entrance control systems in many of the World’s most notable buildings, we have created this ebook to help with the decisions you face when choosing a solution for your corporate environment.

What you’ll receive by downloading this ebook…

– Insight into the unique challenges facing a range of corporate environments

– An overview of common vulnerabilities

– A look at the different types of entrance control

– Guidance on the key considerations when choosing entrance control

– A briefing tool to simplify the procurement process

– Case studies looking at how others have successfully secured their corporate environments