Fastlane Tripod entrance control security turnstile

The tripod turnstiles are straight forward and familiar to most users. The 3 arms can rotate in one or two directions, controlled by an access control system or push button at a reception desk.

The motor speeds up throughput whilst further facilitating the use of the tripod turnstile. After an authorising input from the access control system the arms inch forward to show the user that they have been authorised, then, after a small amount of pressure from the user the arms complete their cycle.

  • Length: 1112 x 248
  • Lane width options: 600
  • Barrier height options: 950
  • Barrier arm length: 500
  • Barrier type: rigid arms

BIM models and details of the Fastlane range can be accessed via BIMObject, including the standardisation of digital assets and integration with BIM software, which makes comparison of products much simpler and therefore speeds up the specification process for architects and specifiers.

Entrance Gate Range