Door Detective Plus – an unobtrusive approach to securing internal doors

Whilst having a physical security measure at your main entrance will prevent unknown individuals from entering the building beyond reception undetected, this won’t prevent authorised individuals within your organisation – or approved external visitors from being able to access more sensitive areas of the building once they are inside.

With this in mind, you’ll likely also need to apply additional levels of security on certain interior doors within your building, to perhaps the server room or other more sensitive areas where you need to restrict access to just a few staff with higher clearance.

The Fastlane Door Detective range reinforces access control systems and provides an extra layer of security and detection by monitoring the throughput of internal access-controlled doorways, corridors and passageways and ensuring that the ‘one person one door access’ rule is met.

One of the key benefits of Door Detective Plus is that it is unobtrusive. Easily installed on both sides of a doorway, the Door Detective Plus doesn’t require any floorspace and is available in an optional range of finishes to complement your existing décor.

Using multiple infrared beams from enclosures mounted near the door frames, Door Detective Plus accurately monitors movement in both directions each time a person presents electronic credentials to pass through the doorway. Alarms identify violations to alert staff and our Fastlane technology minimises false alarms so you can be confident that only authorised visits are being made.

Now with Sidegating® technology

You might be familiar with the term tailgating – the act of following someone through an access-controlled open door unauthorised – but what about sidegating?

For us, this refers to the act of two people attempting unauthorised dual entry using collusion through an entrance control system. Previously only available on our wide lane turnstiles, our Sidegating® technology can now be added as an option as part of our Door Detective Plus range.

The intelligent infrared matrix that drives the decision to authorise entry makes thousands of calculations per second based on the speed of passage, luggage being carried or pulled, distance to the authorised pedestrian, and direction of movement.

New integrations

Fastlane products have always been renowned for their integration capabilities and this includes the Door Detective range.

Our Door Detective range integrates with a wide range of biometric identification systems including facial recognition systems and fingerprint scanners. This provides an added layer of security, yet still allows frictionless and/or contactless entry.

Managing occupation limits

Managing and controlling population density can be achieved with Door Detective Plus, which monitors pedestrian movement in either direction through access-controlled doorways, passageways, and corridors.

The Fastlane Connect Multilane Controller facilitates the convenient monitoring and control of up to 63 lanes of Fastlane turnstiles or Door Detective Plus doorways, via a small desktop touchscreen console. The Multilane Controller has always been able to maintain and report count data and has a threshold feature that will create a sum total population count over a chosen number of access points. The unit is set up with a total population threshold and told which of the doorways contribute to this count. Once the threshold is reached, the threshold display turns red and bleeps several times as a warning.

Prevent door propping

Even seemingly innocuous behaviours such as propping open emergency exit doors, which may be tempting on a hot day, can present safety issues. A fire door or emergency exit held open is an invitation for someone unauthorised to enter the building, but Door Detective Plus allows traffic to be monitored and will alert security personnel if there is a breach.  Read more about the different types of unauthorised access and how to prevent them.

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