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Delivering the highest standards is no accident, it’s training

It’s no coincidence that IDL works with some of the most innovative and technically-savvy security installers and specifiers in the industry. We work with them because there is a mutual understanding that operating in partnership means that we can offer the best possible entrance security solutions to the end customer. Training and accreditation play a vital role in maintaining the highest standards, especially in the security sector which is evolving so rapidly.

Mike Cowburn Security Solutions security installerWe spoke to one of our key partners – Mike Cowburn, Operations Manager at Security Solutions – about the importance of training and some of the benefits it brings.




Providing the best solutions for our customers

Every one of our customers is different, and every environment they are looking to secure is unique. Being able to advise them on the most suitable solutions to meet their needs is key to us keeping our customers happy, and training is one of the most important aspects in allowing us to do this. In order to sell a product, you have to fully understand its features and benefits and you can only do that if you have received technical training and seen the products in action first-hand.

“To fully understand features and benefits you need to have seen all the products in action first-hand”

We send our engineers to the IDL facility in West London to receive technical training on their wide range of products, covering an overview of the products’ capabilities, how to install and set them up on-site, as well as how to provide ongoing upkeep and maintenance services. The knowledge gained during these sessions is invaluable and ensures that we stay at the top of our game and, being able to offer technical assistance on the very rare occasion that an issue arises, is a great value-added service for us.

Aids system design

With each customer having a specific set of needs, no two system designs are the same. Having an in-depth knowledge of the products we work with and their capabilities enables us to create systems which deliver on our clients’ precise briefs. If there are ever any gaps in our knowledge when working on a particularly complex project, the IDL team can assist with site visits, specification support, advice on compatibility with other technologies and drawings, removing any guesswork and ensuring that the resulting system design is practical and reliable. Training, expert advice and support from IDL is therefore invaluable for specifiers and installers of their products, helping us to demonstrate to our customers that we have the best and most up to date knowledge of the products we supply and fit.

“We ensure we have the best and most up to date knowledge”

Minimising installation time

It might sound obvious but, being familiar with the products we work with makes it easier and far more efficient to install them, and therefore better for the customer. The Fastlane range is vast – which means we can recommend a solution for any environment as they offer different heights, widths, finishes, price points etc. – so initially there is quite a bit to learn. After initial training, however, the Fastlane products are so simple to install and our team works with them so regularly that very little ongoing training is required, as we’re all so comfortable with them. Having said that, when a new product is released or there is a product update, we are very keen to ensure that everyone involved in the system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance is fully up to speed as soon as possible.

“Fastlane products are easy to install and we’re very comfortable with them”

I’ve found that some other manufacturers have such closed-doors that you feel like you need to spend ages training because you struggle to get the support afterwards. Whilst this isn’t a problem with Fastlane products, if we do ever experience any challenges, the IDL technical team is always at the end of the phone to help us and you get to speak to one of the people responsible for designing and building these products, so no one could provide better insight and support. Because IDL are so good with their support, and their products are so easy to install, learning about them takes very little time, which is great for us as security installers are notoriously short of time!

Although a little off the topic of training, it’s worth mentioning that when it comes to integrating access control or other technologies, we can either do this ourselves as the internal structure of Fastlane turnstiles are designed so well, or IDL handle the integration for us at their manufacturing facility. In this case, the finished units are delivered to us on-site ready to go, which gives a great finish and looks really slick in the eyes of our customers, who see a beautifully finished product turn up on site which is then swiftly installed. Safeguarding this impression of quality – both the products and installation service – is crucial to the ongoing success of our business, and IDL’s as the manufacturer.

Safeguarding reputations

If you know what you’re talking about and what you’re working on it’s a reflection of the quality of the company, and favourably impacts the outcome for the client. Training equips you with this knowledge, which gives you the confidence needed to install products efficiently, which helps to build a reputation for professionally delivering quality solutions for end users and ultimately gives you the edge over your competitors. It’s a no brainer!

“It’s a no brainer!”


IDL Training and Technical Support

At IDL, we are serious about offering extra value to our installer, integrator and specifier partners, which is why we run free technical training covering installation, commissioning and maintenance services across our extensive range of Fastlane and Door Detective products at our facility in Feltham, West London. On-site training and commissioning services are also available for a fee, and our customers can tap into our technical team’s expert knowledge whenever required via telephone and email support. For specific projects, we can also assist with site visits, specification support and drawings in advance of us helping you with an in-depth quotation.


For more information about our training services, click here. Or, to arrange a training session for your team and a live demonstration of our products at our facility in West London, please contact us by calling +44 (0)208 890 5550 or send us an email to


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