Fastlane Connect entrance control security web programme on screen

Extended warranty and enhanced functionality available with Fastlane Connect

New method of connecting Fastlane and Door Detective products allows users to access enhanced Fastlane Connect functions without the concern of using an existing network.

Released a few years ago to complement our entrance control range of products, Fastlane Connect continues to prove popular and we have recently added the new FastCount and FastCam applications to the range.

In its most basic form, the Connect suite allows Fastlane turnstiles and selected Door Detective products to communicate over a TCP/IP connection using ethernet Cat5 or Cat6 cables. However, despite assurances to the contrary, a number of our customers expressed concern about connecting their entrance control security to their existing network, over fears of this leaving them exposed to cyber hacks (not something that can in fact happen due to using a custom processor and firmware). Despite these unfounded concerns, it has meant that some customers were unable to access the full functionality of our Fastlane turnstile and Door Detective products. To rectify this, and give all our customers complete peace of mind when using Fastlane Connect, we have introduced an alternative method of connecting our range.

Users can still attach the units to an existing LAN or WAN network and have the units obtain IP addresses from their server or router, which allows the units to be remotely monitored and controlled by any of the customer’s authorised users, through a web browser attached to the same network.

However, using User Datagram Protocol (UDP), a private network, utilising a simple hub to facilitate communication which does not connect to or interact with the customer’s existing network may be provided. Our optional Fastlane Connect Multilane Controller will operate using the private UDP network to allow remote control and monitoring of up to 63 lanes of connected Fastlane and Door Detective Products. The Multilane allows mode control, visitor entry and people counting of each connected lane and will maintain a total population count whilst it remains powered.

For turnstiles and Door Detective units which are connected to a TCP/IP network with a router or server to apply IP addresses and a connection to the Internet, the Fastlane products may easily be registered using the Fastlane Finder application that can be downloaded from the website. The application gathers the product details and appends to the user information requested. This file can then be emailed for product registration providing the additional warranty. Remote support and firmware upgrades can be provided with agreement and specific network permissions.

Optional software packages, FastCount and FastCam* – developed to allow users to view live video streaming of turnstile use, capture recorded security events and provide real time building population data – are available to further enhance your installation. Both packages require the Fastlane turnstiles and Door Detective units to be connected to a server or router controlled network.

If you’d like to find out how the Fastlane Connect suite can enhance your entrance control system, please contact our team on or +44 (0)208 890 2444.


* FastCam and FastCount are currently only available in the UK.